Learn about the product detail page

1. The product detail page is a web page that provides an overview of information for a specific product. The first part of the page contains product title, pictures and description.

Product view on product detail page

2. After the selection of the basic features, the shipping date can be calculated and the products can be added to the basket.

Select basic features

3. This section also provides access to the configured CAD drawing.

how to complete the product on the product detail page

Based on the basic features of the configured product the website suggests at maximum two components for each category.

4. The selection of accessories is followed by an overview of the technical data and access to the spare parts catalogue.

overview of the technical data on the product detail page

5. At bottom of product data pages is all the technical support information.

The product detail page closes with a “Downloads and Media” section which provides one single source to find all additional product related information such as trainings, software etc.