AI in production with industrial intelligence

Detect problems before they occur – with predictive maintenance, quality and energy

Do you want to avoid unplanned downtime, ensure product quality and reduce energy costs? Festo AX industrial intelligence allows companies to collect real-time data from production and analyze it using artificial intelligence (AI). The use of artificial intelligence allows for predictive maintenance, ensures product quality (predictive quality) and uses resources more efficiently (predictive energy). With Festo AX you can reduce downtimes by 25%, cut waste by 20% and reduce leakages by up to 65%.

Festo AX industrial intelligence: Infographic with overview of possibilities for using AI in production

Making decisions based on data with artificial intelligence

Digital transformation with Festo AX

Increase your company's productivity (OEE) and optimize your production based on data. Rely on intelligent technologies and use AI to detect deviations from the normal condition of your machines and systems. Find out about failures, wear and tear or quality losses early and act with foresight.

The Festo AX AI software helps you ...

  • reduce unplanned downtime with predictive maintenance
  • ensure product quality with predictive quality
  • minimize energy costs with predictive energy

Optimize your production with artificial intelligence

The Festo AX portfolio for the Industrial Internet of Things

The challenges, potential and requirements can differ depending on the industry, company and machine. With our range, consisting of specific Festo AX Solutions, standardized Festo AX Industrial Apps and project-based solutions for individual challenges, we offer you the right solution for every situation.

In our AX Industrial Apps, we have pooled our experience and knowledge from a large number of AI projects in industry. For specific applications, e.g. body shell construction in the automotive industry, we offer integrated solutions with Festo AX Solutions, which can be adapted to your system with little effort.

Facts about Festo AX Industrial Intelligence

Flexible integration into all systems

Thanks to its modular architecture and the available interfaces, Festo AX integrates seamlessly into existing systems – regardless of the manufacturer.

On-premises, on-edge or in the cloud?

We provide our AI software solutions in containers. This means Festo AX runs in your preferred environment: from shop floor to cloud.


We combine AI models with your valuable knowledge. For example, employees can classify anomalies as machine malfunctions and train the algorithm.

The collected data remains your property

Thanks to edge computing and flexible deployment concepts, the data does not have to leave the shop floor, and can be analyzed locally.

Whitepaper: “Condition Monitoring versus Artificial Intelligence”

On the road to the Industrial Internet of Things

Get more information ...

  • on the basics of diagnostic concepts and condition monitoring
  • on how predictive maintenance solutions optimize the maintenance and servicing of machines
  • from the field of digitization, data science and how data and algorithms generate added value
  • on how our customers have reduced downtimes and optimized OEE

Festo AX for OEMs

AI in production: infographic to illustrate business models for OEMs

Optimize your own production with Festo AX and develop new business models for your customers with artificial intelligence.

  • Benefit from savings in your own company through predictive maintenance, predictive energy, predictive quality and digital maintenance management.
  • Integrate Festo AX into your systems to expand your portfolio through digitalization and with new AI functions.
  • Empower your customers to leverage the potential of the data you collect or offer them AI-based products as an “all-inclusive package.”
  • Develop new digital business models based on our technologies, such as extended warranties or unit warranties.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer many opportunities to expand your portfolio using AI.