Automation Suite System Setup Software

Festo Automation Suite Setup Software

With our free PC-based Festo Automation Suite software, you only need to use one application and always have all the information and tools you need at hand. It makes setting up your drive package, from the mechanical system to the controller, mere child’s play.

Perfect for Quickly Getting Systems Up and Running

Watch the video to find out why our Festo Automation Suite saves you time and clicks. For example, because the basic functions of every Festo component are already integrated into the software. Or because the Festo Automation Suite brings parameterization, programming, and maintenance together in one application and because the software is capable of displaying machine topologies in an easily understandable way.

But these are only a few examples – watch the video for even more good reasons.

How to Get Systems Up and Running Faster

You will quickly find your way around because the user interface always has the same look – whether you are querying diagnostic data from a valve manifold or creating parameters for a servo drive controller. Thanks to the modular structure, user-friendly design, and drag-and-drop functionality, system setup is easy and intuitive.

In this PDF, you’ll find out how you can get your systems up and running even faster.

Plug-in for the CMMT-AS Servo Drive

Fast: Get a Drive System Up and Running in Only Five Steps

Festo Automation Suite System Setup Software: CMMT-AS

Even if you have little experience, this plug-in will help you get a drive system up and running quickly. The initial setup assistant prompts the user to enter the most important settings and puts the drive system into operation easily and reliably. You select the components, configure some parameters, load them into the CMMT-AS – done.

Detailed: Parameters Displayed in the Expert View

Festo Automation Suite System Setup Software: Expert View

In the expert view, the CMMT-AS plug-in gives you full access to all of the device’s parameters in order to perform advanced optimizations, for example. Even if you do not have the latest plug-in installed, you can still use parameters from new firmware functions, because the plug-in automatically adapts to the range of functions offered by the latest firmware.

Informative: Graphics for Diagnostics and Analyses

Festo Automation Suite System Setup Software: Graphics

Once connected to the Festo component, the plug-in displays potential diagnostic messages at a glance. The most recent messages saved in the history allow you to draw conclusions about potential causes of errors and subsequent errors. The trace function records signal curves in the device at high frequency. This is an effective way to analyze hard-to-observe events.

Plug-in for the Control System CPX-E

Drag and Drop: Convenient Configuration of the Control Module

Festo Automation Suite System Setup Software: Configure Control Module

You can quickly and easily configure and parameterize the individual modules of the CPX-E via a graphical user interface. You can replace, delete, or add modules via drag and drop and conveniently configure all of the module and channel parameters.

Easily Expand: CODESYS Programming

Festo Automation Suite System Setup Software: CODESYS

Use the familiar editors for programming controllers in accordance with IEC 61131-3. The plug-in extension for CODESYS integrates seamlessly into the CPX-E plug-in. You can use it to program your controller – from simple point-to-point motions and SoftMotion applications with CNC and cam disc functions to robotics applications in accordance with PLCopen Part 4.

Save Time: Connect the Drive System with Just Two Clicks

Festo Automation Suite System Setup Software: Drive System

Instead of 100 mouse and keyboard commands, two are sufficient. You connect the CMMT-AS to the controller CPX-E by drawing a line, then the plug-in integrates all of the required libraries, links process data, and applies axis parameters. The drive system is immediately ready for use in the controller program. This means that you have more time for creating and getting the machine sequence up and running.