Festo Design Tool 3D CAD Configuration Software

The Festo Design Tool 3D is a 3D product configuration tool for generating Festo-specific CAD product combinations. It will make your search for suitable accessories such as pneumatic cylinder series DSBC, DSNU, and ADN faster, easier, and more reliable.

Short video: the CAD configuration software that offers significant benefits!

Create graphic models of your cylinder module, including Festo accessories, in your required CAD format. The Festo Design Tool 3D then generates an order code that you can use to directly order the module – either fully preassembled or as individual components – always delivered in a single box.

These product families can currently be found in the Festo Design Tool 3D, and Here you will find further valuable engineering tools .

Benefits for Design, Purchasing, and Initial Setup

  • Quick, easy, and automated generation of product combinations
  • Shorter bills of materials, fewer sources of error, and optimized ordering processes thanks to a single order code for the entire module
  • Native CAD models to preserve CAD/component links (CAD constraints, CAD mates)
  • Reduced need for documentation and easy traceability – create PDF module drawings and parts lists within FDT 3D, access the trackable order code in the Support Portal
  • Simplified, accelerated processes in the warehouse and during assembly
  • Product portfolio for readily available standard components such as cylinders from the DSBC, DSNU, and ADN series
Festo Design Tool 3D CAD configuration software: interface logos


Festo Design Tool 3D offers interfaces to the following 2D/3D CAD systems:

  • AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk® Inventor®
  • CATIA® V5
  • NX™
  • SolidWorks®

The CAD-centric product configuration process is protected by the European patent EP 1 251 444 B1, issued to Festo AG & Co. on October 12, 2005. CAD Data by Festo AG CAD Technology powered by CADENAS GmbH © 2014

It is not possible to order complete modules with a single order code in all countries.