Festo automation experience

Make decisions based on facts. The Festo Automation Experience is an easy-to-use solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you extract maximum value from the data produced by your assets. Increase productivity, reduce energy costs, prevent quality losses, optimize your factory floor, and create new business models – simply by analyzing your data with Festo AX. Predictive maintenance, predictive energy, and predictive quality – together we can implement a solution tailored to your needs. Get in touch with us!

What Festo AX Offers

As an expert in electrical and pneumatic automation, we offer much more than just your run-of-the-mill IoT solution; we combine our broad industry knowledge with our experience in data science and software development. Start with condition monitoring and preventive maintenance of components, machines, and systems. Data collected from the factory floor can be used to make uptime-based maintenance suggestions, thereby making maintenance more efficient. With just a few clicks, you can easily extend the capabilities of Festo AX and add artificial intelligence.

Read more about its main features:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Real Time
    Festo AX analyzes live data in real time. What does this mean for you? You will receive the information you need as soon as an anomaly occurs. No waiting. No latency. This gives you the time you need to get things sorted out before anything really goes wrong in the first place.
  • Flexible integration into all systems
    Festo AX is perfectly compatible with our own components, which are used in many machines and systems. By adopting common protocols such as OPC-UA, MQTT, and many more, the application can also be easily integrated with third-party components and machines.
  • On-premises, on-edge or in the cloud?
    Festo AX doesn’t care where it is operated, whether directly on the system (on-edge), on your servers (on-premises), or in the cloud. We support you in whichever environment you prefer!
  • Keeping Humans in the Loop: Integrating Your Expert Knowledge
    Festo AX derives its intelligence from our algorithms and your valuable knowledge. As a result, Festo AX learns more about the state of your assets, thus continuously learning and improving the algorithms. Was the detected anomaly part of the healthy condition or a leak in the compressed air supply? Your feedback, that is, the classification of the anomalies and the recommended course of action, means that the next time the anomaly occurs, the individual receiving the notification will know exactly which system is affected, what happened, and what to do next. Put simply, Festo AX keeps the human in the loop.
  • Your Data Is Yours and Yours Alone!
    The data we collect belongs exclusively to our customers and is only used for the agreed-upon purposes.

Festo AX for end customers

Festo AX for end customers

Predictive maintenance

Avoiding production downtime is a major challenge for many manufacturers. Festo AX helps you master this challenge.

How? The data generated by your assets is sent directly to Festo AX and immediately processed by algorithms that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning (known as real-time analytics). You are alerted as soon as the data deviates from the “healthy state” of the asset (known as anomaly detection). The notification tells you which sensors are affected and even recommends a course of action. Festo AX still needs your knowledge, too, of course – to classify the anomaly so that the software knows how to respond the next time the same anomaly occurs, which improves the algorithms and also avoids unwanted notifications (a process known as “human in the loop”).

The result: Anomalies are detected extremely early on, preventing unexpected downtime and ensuring that spare parts are available and maintenance can be carried out without negatively impacting your production.

Predictive Energy

Festo AX supports you in all tasks related to the efficient use of energy. For example, reducing energy costs such as network charges by avoiding costly peak loads is a complex and challenging task.

How? Festo AX adaptively learns the load profiles of electrical consumers and generators that can be switched on in production and calculates mean power values. The software generates a warning message that indicates at a very early stage when a defined and cost-relevant load limit will be exceeded. Such as during power consumption, for example.

The result: Proactive measures to switch off relevant consumers, to connect in-house generators – such as CHPs – or even to reorganize production can be taken even before the load limit has been exceeded. This allows you to avoid peak loads, reduce network charges, and thus lower production costs.

Predictive Quality

Manufacturing processes are set up to produce the best results, yet rejects occur time and again. Festo AX helps you avoid quality losses and thereby reduce the number of rejects.

How is this possible? Festo AX learns the complex relationships between process parameters and exogenous influencing factors – such as ambient temperatures – and proactively warns the process expert of impending quality losses by analyzing the process data in real time.

The result: The system determines which process parameters are responsible for the quality loss and how they have to be adjusted in order to once again achieve the specified product quality. This approach ensures that quality remains consistent and eliminates rejects altogether.

Read more in our White Paper

"Condition Monitoring versus Artificial Intelligence"- How we will make decisions based on facts in the future.

The white paper addresses the following topics:

  • Basic principles – terminology
  • Decentralised intelligence, smart products
  • Business intelligence, condition monitoring, artificial intelligence

Festo AX for OEMs

Festo AX for OEMs

Implementing artificial intelligence on your own factory floor isn’t the only way you can benefit from the data your assets generate. Connect Festo AX to your systems to expand your offering with new AI products. Empower your customers to leverage the potential of the data you collect or offer them AI-based products as an “all-inclusive package”.

Your benefits

  • Reduced downtime in production
    As a result, no unplanned downtime, no production delays, no contractual penalties to pay to your customers

  • Reduced energy costs
    By optimizing the use of energy

  • Increased daily output
    By monitoring and detecting bottlenecks and optimizing cycle times

  • Fewer rejects
    No loss of quality, less waste, more efficient production thanks to consistent product quality

  • Reduced production costs
    Through the optimal configuration of the adjustable control parameters

  • All the information you need at the touch of a button
    Tailored to your needs thanks to Festo AX visualization

Select One of Our Packages and Get Started Today

Festo AX Connectivity Check: Test Your Machines’ AI Compatibility

How we proceed:

  • Inventory of all relevant components
  • Analysis of existing hardware with focus on:
    • Protocols
    • Technical/system requirements for the use of Festo AX
  • Development of a rough concept to seamlessly connect to our AI software
  • Festo AX recommendation on any additional hardware required (gateways, edge devices, sensors, etc.)

Festo AX Data Check: Analysis of Your Data and Training an Initial AI Model

How we proceed:

  • Inventory of historical data
  • If necessary, save the data permanently
  • Apply the data to our machine learning AI models
  • Train an initial model in one of the following:
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Predictive quality
    • Predictive energy
  • Development of a rough concept to extend the data model/make it more precise

Festo AX Pilot Project: Application of AI Models and Integration into Your IT Architecture

We work with you to develop a Festo AX solution on the basis of your specific application:

  • Planning and implementation of a connectivity concept (that builds on the Festo AX Connectivity Check package, if necessary)
  • Development of the AI model (that builds on the Festo AX Data Check package, if necessary)
  • Documentation of results
  • Training your employees in the use of the Festo AX software and user interface
  • Payments already received for the Festo AX Data or Connectivity Check packages will be applied as a credit

Optional: our Festo AX Evaluation Kit offers you a preconfigured environment

  • A simple way to get started with AI projects (with a monthly rental fee)
  • Powerful, remotely managed industrial PC with Edge runtime
  • Festo CPX-AP-I Remote I/O for the integration of IO-Link and analog sensor technology
  • LTE router with SIM card (additional charges apply) for remote support (optional)
  • Fixed power supply and fan