Precise handling solutions

Automated production of the electric powertrain

The heart of the electric powertrain is the battery pack in addition to the electric motor. Once the battery cells have been assembled into modules, they are inserted into the final pack. The operation of such a system in an electric vehicle places the highest demands on the safety of the components used. This is why the individual processes are usually fully automated. With our expertise, we understand and consider your application-specific requirements and offer you a suitable handling solution.

Electrical powertrain system battery assembly

Low: + , Medium: ++ , High: +++

1. Applying thermal paste

Moving mass: + Accuracy: + Speed: ++

2. Inserting the modules
Moving mass: ++ Accuracy: +++ Speed: ++

3. Pressing in the modules

Moving mass: ++ Accuracy: + Speed: ++

4. Screwing in the modules
Moving mass: + Accuracy: + Speed: +++

Common practice is the use of six-axis robots. But is that the most efficient solution? Because if you compare these, here using the example of a battery pack assembly, with gantry systems, the differences become clear.

In comparison, production lines with gantry systems have a footprint that is up to 20% smaller and require around 50% fewer actuators, since only the degrees of freedom that are really needed are integrated into the machine. This allows you to reduce your costs in the long term. You only pay for the functions you really need.

You can create the perfect system using the extensive range of handling systems and Cartesian robots from us. Our ready-to-install systems provide you with a fast and reliable solution for your application that is fully assembled, tested and perfectly coordinated – electric, pneumatic or a mix. On request, including energy chain, connection technology and matching drive package.

The advantages at a glance

Electric powertrain handling system

1. Ready-to-install
You get fully assembled and tested systems, including energy chain, connection technology with plugs and matching drive package.

2. Scalable and modular: the system approach
Our handling systems come in lots of different sizes and variants, whether extremely compact and cost-efficient, or with high mechanical rigidity and robust design, or for extremely light or heavy payloads and large workpieces of up to 50 kg.

3. Technology mix
Serial and parallel kinematic principles for the toothed belt and spindle axes are available as well as electric or pneumatic Z-axes so you always have the perfect technology.

4. Servo drive package
Our matching motor and drive packages provide seamless connectivity to the higher-level PLC for a wide range of fieldbuses and networks.

5. Integrated energy chain concept
The tubing and cables are routed through energy chains, ensuring outstanding operational and process reliability of the handling systems. Energy chains made of ESD material are available as an option if required for your configuration.