Automation solutions for the biotech, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries

Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics Automation

There is a remedy for the headaches that come with productivity and cost pressure: efficiently automated systems. They allow you to guarantee reliable, reproducible product quality and make your systems more flexible, from the production of active ingredients to formulation, filling, and packaging. Festo has solutions that are sure to get rid of these headaches once and for all.

Increased Productivity from a Single Source

The processes and requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics production, and biotechnology are thoroughly familiar to Festo. We understand the production scenarios for personal care products, creams, and tablets, the production of active ingredients in clean areas, as well as for quality control, filling, and packaging.

This is because we have worked closely with machine manufacturers in these industries for many years and support them with flexible, fail-safe automation concepts along the entire value chain. Our services range from planning and procurement to installation, bringing systems into operation, and on-site service. An important advantage of working with Festo is that we offer products, modules, and ready-to-install solutions as well as engineering services and practical support from a single source – simple, perfectly compatible, and available worldwide.

Areas of the Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics Industries

Tablet Production

Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries: tablet production

Numerous steps in the tablet production process offer considerable potential for optimization via automation technology. Components and solutions from Festo achieve reproducibility and process reliability – for example in the reactor – without having to sacrifice efficiency.

We offer automation solutions for these steps of the tablet production process:

  • Storing and conveying bulk material and filling mobile containers
  • Dispensing and mixing the different raw materials in the reactor
  • Inertization of reactors, tanks, and process equipment
  • Drying the active ingredient
  • Producing a homogeneous granulate
  • Pressing tablets
  • Coating tablets with various substances

Production of parenterals

Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industry: production of parenterals

The production of parenterals requires reliable process control and effective handling solutions for the biotechnological production of active ingredients and safe aseptic filling. With automation technology from Festo, you can increase the productivity of your parenteral production processes without sacrificing safety.

We offer automation solutions for these steps of the parenteral production process:

  • Biotechnological active ingredient production
  • Filling vials
  • Compressed air preparation and supply

Cream production

Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industry: cream production

Optimize the steps in your production process for semisolid products with components and solutions from Festo. We offer a wide range of solutions, from the automation of process valves and compressed air preparation to individual handling solutions. This enables you to implement extremely reliable processes and increase efficiency from production to packaging.

We offer automation solutions for these steps of the cream production process:

  • Controlling and dosing liquid media
  • Storing and conveying bulk material, filling mobile containers
  • Inertization of reactors, tanks, and process equipment
  • Supplying water safely and efficiently
  • Precisely dosing and homogeneously mixing ingredients
  • Fast and precise filling
  • Efficient packaging, loading, and palletizing

Proportional Valve Technology for Inert Gas

Proportional valve technology is a flexible and cost-effective solution wherever inert gas pressure levels and flow rates need to be controlled – whether in tanks, reactors, or processing equipment. It meets the technical requirements and offers the required level of precision. At the same time, it reduces the time and effort required for installation, space requirements, and the amount you need to invest.

This white paper on inertization explains how you can achieve all of the above with proportional valves.

White Paper: Proportional Valves for Closed-Loop Control of Inert Gases in Process Automation (PDF)

Energy Analysis for Compressed Air Systems

In today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford to waste a thing – and certainly not compressed air. This is an area with tremendous savings potential: by optimizing pneumatic systems at both the production hall and system level, you can cut energy costs by up to 60%. This white paper reveals, among other information, the costs associated with leakage, how you can improve energy efficiency, and who can benefit from which measures.

White Paper: Cut Energy Costs in Compressed Air Systems (PDF)

IoT To The Rescue For Biotech & Pharma Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) could not be timelier for biotech/pharma. With fierce cost pressures, the push for value-based outcomes, and the need for flexible manufacturing solutions, the IoT is the much-needed shot in the arm to bring about transformational change.

Sensors, actuators, and devices ("things") embedded in production equipment and networked through computer systems can generate an enormous amount of data. The data can be mined for insights and opportunities to drive production efficiency, automate monitoring and controlling functions, and enable flexible manufacturing systems.

Whitepaper: IoT To The Rescue For Biotech & Pharma Manufacturing (PDF)

A Practical Energy Efficiency Solution for Life Science Utilizing Industry 4.0

“Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Industry 4.0” (I4.0) are buzzwords in the process manufacturing and automation world, with far-reaching benefits understood by most at a high level. But, what relevant and practical data and understanding can I4.0 bring your company in everyday operations, such as monitoring compressed air consumption, process optimization, enabling energy efficiencies, and providing preventative diagnostics?

This article will examine simple installation of IoT in a pharmaceutical production environment that will help with energy conservation efforts, provide predictive analytics.

White paper: A Practical Energy Efficiency Solution for Life Science Utilizing Industry 4.0 (PDF)


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