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Innovation cycles of less than one year are now standard throughout the industry, often leaving you less than six months to set up a new production line. This means you have to move quickly. Nowadays, you can protect your margins in small parts assembly and electronics production primarily through modularization and standardization using flexible, cost-effective automation solutions. That is exactly what we can do for you.

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Family-owned British company Harwin Plc specializes in high-performance plug connectors. The demands in this market are increasing just as quickly as miniaturization is advancing. In the meantime, products have achieved pin spacing of just 1.25 mm, yet have to withstand innumerable plugging operations, in some cases under extreme conditions. Harwin produces them in greatly differing variants.
The new Gecko production line needs to be correspondingly flexible, with the highest levels of reliability, precision, repetition accuracy and cost efficiency. The solution was a modular, scalable automation concept from Festo. The advantages include faster production lines, simplified commissioning and easy maintenance.

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Benefits of Standardization and Modularization

The math is simple: whatever you can save on R&D, engineering, and software programming will have a positive effect on your bottom line. Furthermore, you also benefit from economies of scale in procurement. And you can offer your solutions faster and with greater flexibility. Torsten Schulz, head of Global Key Account Management, Electronics and Assembly industry segment, demonstrates where the greatest potential savings can be found using a sample calculation:

Your savings potential, in black and white

Significant factors in determining your success are your expenses for design engineering and the products used: If you concentrate your efforts on standardized products and solutions, you can boost your profit directly by 20% to 30%. This has also been demonstrated by a study of the machinery industry in Germany by the VDMA.

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