The right partner – Power up your business

Extend the boundaries of your production by using our innovative solutions for your automation! With our Power End Users Program you get the most out of your production systems - and will be able to amortize your costs really quickly. Our focused approach supports you at every level of your company.

Together we can grow and prosper

The consumer packaged goods industry is undergoing a huge transformation: our approach targets the needs of top management and corporate purchasing, the engineering teams as well as the production facilities worldwide. Partner with us!

We understand your goals.

Better engineering for more repeatable results

We support you with products, expertise, and experience in implementing fundamental technological changes in your production facilities.

When you standardize your production processes, we make sure that with our solutions your costs can be quickly amortized – and that your project schedules are not jeopardised.

Streamlined and transparent partnership globally

Company goals are more demanding than ever. Let us provide you with comprehensive advice and support so that you can make the best possible management decisions. As a partner, Festo delivers everything from a single source and worldwide.

Operational excellence – keep your machines running

Time is precious. Machines must operate efficiently, reliably and continuously. Festo products, tools and experts help meet your challenges with solutions for food safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

Support designed for you - Discover our tools!


As an engineer, you define standards and are responsible for the future of your production.

Power End Users: Discussion

Bring your ideas to life!

Advantage through inspiration: gain new ideas and insights!
What's new in the industry? Where are the technological trends heading? Expert talks give you inspiration and answers to these questions and lead you to groundbreaking solutions.

Automation compass: your guide to best practices
We help you transfer your best practices into a specification document, which precisely reflects your needs and goals.

Automation Check: get the best possible equipment.
You are the expert in your process; machine builders are experts in turning your process into production; Festo optimizes the connectivity and motion in production equipment. Bring the three parties together to make your automation even better.

CAPEX support: steer your capital expenditure in the right direction!
Shorten your time-to-market and trust the right partner. From product selection and design support to commissioning, Festo accompanies you and your machine builder.


As a manager, you control global contracts and the purchasing in your company.

Power End Users_Men writing on screen

Manage your global business!

Global contracts: for worldwide business
A global ERP system enables Festo to introduce and implement contracts globally to ensure conditions worldwide are harmonized.

E-commerce: Optimize your processes
Reduce the cost of doing business! And manage repetitive tasks such as quotations, orders, confirmations and invoices electronically with Festo.

Business transparency and reporting: so that your activities bear more fruit
We create a clear plan, set goals together and measure progress along the way.

Savings effects: proving your reduced total costs!
Make TCO savings transparent. We record your success, document it and quantify the effects. The solutions can thus be multiplied and integrated into similar production lines and new plant concepts.


In the factory, you need to keep production running and improve productivity through properly planned maintenance.

Power End Users_men optimization machine

Keep your machines running!

And your employees up to date
Increase employee performance through training and education. Professional, goal-oriented and manufacturer-neutral.

Easier maintenance: shorten your downtimes
Reduce maintenance times, increase machine availability and save money. We have the right tools and support you on site with our know-how.

More energy efficiency: reduce the total costs of your systems!
Energy savings services and products help you to reduce the energy consumption of your production lines and keep them running efficiently.

Solutions for OEE: maximize the effectiveness of your equipment
You will find suitable products with exactly the functions you need. Or you can rely on the advice of our experts to clearly increase your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).