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Life Tech - technology for life science

Smart solutions for laboratory and medical devices

Growing and aging populations, increasing risk of illness and global mobility call for cost-effective healthcare solutions. The demand for suitable preventative healthcare and diagnostic procedures is also on the rise. The LifeTech division at Festo provides forward-looking answers – with innovative solutions for medical technology and laboratory automation. We support manufacturers of laboratory and medical devices with solutions that deliver precise and reproducible results.

Life Science: woman laboratory tablet

Technical developments such as miniaturization, integration or dispensing of ever smaller fluid volumes are opening up new opportunities in the field of life science. Festo is advancing these trends – with compact components, highly integrated modules and a focus on micro-fluid products for regulating gases and liquids.

We offer standardized components for laboratory and medical devices and develop customized automation solutions together with you to meet your requirements – cost-effectively, to fit the smallest possible space and in the best possible quality.

Automation Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic

The healthcare sector worldwide is facing a great challenge – a challenge that will be addressed by automation. Festo is committed to supporting this throughout our organization. Priority and investments have been placed on supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, engineering and field application support to ensure our customers have the best chance at success.

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