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Printing Industry

Building a faster, smarter machine

Festo utilizes the latest advances in factory automation systems to make machines and equipment for the printing industry easier to design, build and maintain. We provide customers with highly efficient, cost-effective solutions along with global service and support through our software, equipment and training.

Are you an equipment manufacturer in the competitive printing industry and feeling the pressure to speed time-to-market, increase production efficiencies, and decrease energy consumption?

Festo reduces your energy footprint while giving you a leg up in your market, offering high levels of service and valve technology, exceptional reliability and quick changeover of operational components. Our innovative and intuitive products operate within most communication architectures, including EtherNet IP and helps bring down machine costs for digital, conventional and 3D printing, with no sacrifices in technology.

InkJet Digital

Roll-to-roll, flatbed, single-pass. Whatever concept for inkjet or digital printing your business manufactures, Festo has the right solution, offering a wide range of valve terminals, laser and air sensors, UV lamp shutters, Electric Automation and more.

From carriage, gantry and flatbed movement to media advancement to registering systems to register pins and beyond, Festo products meet and exceed the demanding applications of the inkjet/digital printing industry and keep your machines running reliably, proficiently and at laser-fast speeds.

3D Printing

3D printers used to be expensive, slow and only used for rapid prototyping. But the next generation of printers have become faster, cheaper and in higher demand than ever before. And Festo is at the forefront of this growing sub-market of the printing industry, creating structures that are not built up on a surface one layer at a time, but are actually constructed freely in space!

Whatever 3D printer you’re putting together on the factory floor, Festo has the software, tools, and post-sales assistance to help you design, manufacture and run your machine at peak efficiency.

Conventional Printing

Conventional printing remains the process of choice for long-run production, where consistent quality from job to job is critical, whether the printing method is flexo, gravure or offset.

Festo’s variety of components and solutions make machine manufacturing simple and efficient, equipping you with both the products and support tools you need to ensure high-speed operation, maximum process reliability, and a smooth and profitable workflow.

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