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Automation for the textile industry

Are you looking for sturdy and cost-effective solutions to build reliable and cost-optimized textile machines? With our standard components, we cover the entire range of pneumatic and electrical automation. Additionally, you can request specific and ready-to-install solutions to meet your customers' need for individuality and flexibility rapidly. You can also reduce your process costs with our PrePack solutions or short response times in the aftersales area.

Our contribution for your textile machines:

  • Attractively priced and sturdy products for all areas in the textile industry:
    whether spinning, draw texturing, weaving, circular knitting, flat knitting, bleaching, dyeing or coating
  • Pre-assembled units e.g. consisting of cylinders, fittings, sensors and foot mountings
  • Customized solutions from labelled tubing or PrePacks and PreAssemblies to ready-to-install assemblies and systems
  • Global sales and service organization for worldwide component support

Practical example: Pneumatic spring as warp beam brake

Customer: Schweizer Wernli AG

Manufacturer of high quality bandage materials:

  • Cohesive and adhesive elastic bandages: fixation bandages, compression bandages and universal bandages
  • Inventor of colour bandage materials
  • Export quota of 85% to 30 countries
  • Production in Rothrist with approximately 60 employees


Alternative solution for tensioning warp beams in looms without using mechanical weights or springs


  • Warp beam brake in looms
  • Ensuring constant and adjustable tension of the yarn
  • Simple, compact, easy-to-use solution
  • Clean solution in order to protect the high-quality fabrics
  • Automatic regulation of the thread tension in the loom


  • Tensioning the warp beams using a pneumatic spring consisting of a fluidic muscle and a pressure regulator
  • The fluidic muscle is constantly under pressure and can thus be operated in the same position for days without getting stuck.
  • Tensile force is adjusted by a pressure regulator.
  • Smooth motion of the fluidic muscle permits precision adjustment of force applied to the friction belt, and thus of thread tensioning as well.

Other relevant products for the textile industry

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Customized solutions for the textile industry

Do you want to simplify your processes, make them more reliable and also save time and money? Then we can help you with our individual solutions - precisely tailored to the needs of the textile industry.


These reduce your process costs in purchasing and logistics:

You simply put together several individual components and receive everything in one packaging unit and under a single part number.


In this way, you further reduce the amount of assembly work required. From ready-to-install units right up to complete modules and sub-systems.

Engineering tools like the Festo Design Tool FDT help you to plan, configure and order your products.

You can find out more in our expertise flyer: Services and Supports (PDF)

For special applications: modification or new development

Products specially customized to your requirements - no problem: small adaptations of our standard components for use in textile machines are often all that is needed. Sometimes you may need a new development designed exactly according to your needs.

Our specialists can do both as part of the creative design process with you.