Why training is important

Lifelong learning - skilled employees as the key to productivity

Modern technologies and machines are your key to success, assuming your employees can master them! State-of-the-art technology is not enough to keep your production going. People are the crucial factor, even in highly automated environments. Rapid introduction of new technologies results in a continuous need for training and competency development. With our expertise in both industry and education, we have a unique understanding of your challenges. Consequently, we are a valuable partner for skills training projects in industry.

Ensuring the productivity of your company means keeping up with technological trends. It also means the continuous optimization of your processes. And finally, it means having the right people for the right tasks.

In times of rapidly changing working environments due to digitalization, your employees must contend with continuous technological changes. This results in the need for ongoing learning and skills development.

Learn how we can support you in enhancing your productivity and competitive advantage through a skilled and motivated workforce.

5 great reasons for employee training

Finding/keeping the right people

Skilled workers are a scarce resource almost everywhere in the world. A shortage of skilled workers can negatively affect productivity and competitiveness and slow down the entire operating cycle.

Training your existing employees helps you to avoid these problems.

Lifelong learning

Constant technological advances mean that jobs are becoming more and more complex. Most employees are required to do more than what they were originally trained for when they started their job. Therefore, they need to continuously develop their skills and acquire specialized knowledge related to their current job profile.

Well-trained employees are happier and more productive!

Performance = Appreciation + Motivation

Receiving training is a sign of appreciation for employees. Skilled workers feel valued and are therefore more loyal to their employers. They will also make fewer mistakes and their performance will improve.

Megatrends and new technologies

Megatrends, like the Digital Transformation, bring people and technology ever closer. The individual must assume a key role as problem-solver, decision-maker, and innovator and needs to be prepared for these new challenges.

Training pays off

Investment in machinery is never questioned – by contrast, investment in training frequently is! Yet, there is value in both. Tools and KPIs measure individual learning success and can provide proof that training is a worthwhile investment.

Training from industry - for industry

Industrial DNA

Industrial DNA

We are a leading supplier of automation technology, as well as the global market leader in technical education. This unique symbiosis of industry and education results in tailored and practical training courses, focusing on the core competencies in automation technology. We are proud of being a training supplier with this unique “industrial DNA.”

Your goals are our goals: to maximize your productivity and competitiveness!

Rooted in historical trends

When, in the late 1950s, we introduced pneumatics as a young production technology, few in Germany were familiar with it. But people felt that this could revolutionize automated production. Soon, we were asked to give our first lecture on the subject, “Introduction to Pneumatics,” in front of the Association of German Engineers (VDI). This lecture was followed by three hours of questions – so it became obvious: the best technology would not succeed if the people couldn't master it! The request for lectures continued to grow, and in 1970, our own training division was born. This branch of Festo continued (and continues!) to develop, and today, we proudly offer you training solutions on all automation and production-related topics. We still lecture on pneumatics, but we also prepare you for the challenges of the digital transformation.


In our training and qualification programs, you benefit from our first-hand experiences in our own industrial facilities. Our practical, real-world experiences give us deeper understanding of key industry issues than other training providers. Our trainers also have direct industrial and long-term educational experience.


Our training approach is competency-based, which means it is geared specifically for industry needs and employee functions. More precisely, it means that training benefits for all stakeholders are clear, and “before” and “after” skills snapshots make the return on training investment transparent. Hands-on exercises with industrial components are crucial and enhance the transfer of new skills into daily practice.


No matter where you need our training services, simply consult us for the best solution. Our training is adapted to local languages and cultures, ensuring full realization of corporate training projects in all your facilities worldwide.