Festo delivery service

Procurement and delivery

Low-cost, fast and efficient procurement is crucial in machinery and plant engineering. That's why we keep all ordering channels open for you: from traditional (using paper, fax, and telephone) to digital (with useful features for materials management in the Online Shop or in our App World). With more than 33,000 products and components from a single source, we are a complete supplier and your partner for fast and reliable deliveries.

Efficient purchasing in the Festo Online Shop

The user-friendly product selection process guides you to the right product quickly and reliably. Practical filter functions, intuitive operation and the valuable information in the selection aid make selecting products especially easy. A visual representation at product level shows the recommended accessories.

As a registered customer, you can see prices and availability, can conveniently access the data from previous orders, import bills of materials, share carts and easily download documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes, and invoices. Thanks to seamless order and shipment tracking, you'll have all delivery dates in view at all times, including orders outside the Online Shop.

Especially beneficial: the Festo Online Shop is fully mobile and compatible with all devices, allowing you to select and order required products directly from any smartphone or template.

You can unlock all the features of the Festo Online Shop through a simple registration process. This gives you access to the complete product portfolio and useful information, tools, and services.

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Fast delivery – guaranteed

We offer fast delivery and, if necessary, even faster delivery: by standard delivery or by express delivery, with a guaranteed delivery time. Both options are available worldwide. With express delivery, orders of components kept in stock reach you within 24 hours. We even deliver made-to-order products in the shortest possible time.

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Available immediately in the Core Range

In most cases you can enjoy the benefits of the products from our Core Range. You can recognize them in the Online Shop by the blue star. The Core Range comprises more than 2,200 products and covers around 80% of all automation tasks. Products from Festo’s Core Range are available globally, in stock from 13 service centers, and generally can be delivered from the factory in 24 hours.

Festo Core Range

Practical PrePack Service

It’s a familiar scene: before you can assemble systems, you first have to organize a large number of individual components. Normally you have to order these parts individually and wait on them to be delivered. However, there is an easier and more efficient way: with our PrePack Service, you get your custom set of individual components with a single part number and in one complete packaging unit. This keeps your logistics streamlined and makes for more economical procurement.

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