Technical education

Maximizing success in learning and productivity

We’re the global leader in technical education. As an international partner to training institutions, governments, government agencies, and businesses, we design and implement training systems and labs, as well as learning systems and training programs. We systematically prepare skilled professionals for working in dynamic and complex environments.

Festo Didactic – Inspiring Technical Education

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The Festo group's path to becoming a leading, international provider of industrial automation and technical education is based on the outstanding results and joint efforts of its employees worldwide, who contribute to the development of pioneering innovations and standards.

As a family business, Festo consistently builds on the skills of its employees and invests in their development accordingly. The company’s comprehensive and farsighted approach to skills development led to the founding of a subsidiary in 1965 – namely, Festo Didactic – which has established an international network of development, production, and sales locations and has since become the global leader in the field of technical education. Festo Didactic’s goal is to maximize learning outcomes for training institutions, and productivity for industrial enterprises, on a global scale.

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