Air solenoid valve VOFC

Indirectly controlled pilot valve for particularly demanding usage conditions. Redundant version for safety-related systems up to SIL3.
  • Suitable for process automation in the chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Suitable for outdoor use under harsh, dusty ambient conditions
  • Especially suitable for quarter turn actuators thanks to NAMUR flange pattern
  • Pneumatic valve can switch between internal and external pilot air
  • Variants with safety functions
  • Variants in accordance with EU Explosion Protection Directive (ATEX)
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Tried and tested quality!

The pilot-operated solenoid valve VOFC can be used everywhere and is equipped with an excellent safety concept: this is why it is used as a control valve in the production lines of global leaders in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as in the oil and gas industry and are a favorite choice for controlling single-acting or double-acting valve actuators.

The solenoid valves are also extremely reliable and safe in fail-safe functions for safely switching off actuators with positioners.

Functional safety in the process industry

Safety devices in process-industry plants are required to reduce the hazards created by these plants for human beings, the environment and property down to an acceptable level which is as low as possible. As a general principle, the more hazardous the plant, the more reliably its safety equipment must operate in case of an emergency. Once a plant is assigned a SIL level, specific installation principles must be observed, e.g. redundant design. This enables the risk to be reduced to the greatest possible extent in the event of a malfunction.