Linear actuator with position feedback DFPI

Easy to install – sturdy and reliable in use: the corrosion resistant linear actuator DFPI to ISO 15552 with built-in linear potentiometer or fully integrated valve positioner.
  • Mounting interfaces to ISO 15552 on bearing and end caps
  • Sturdy tie rod design
  • Integrated air supply
  • With optional integrated linear potentiometer or fully integrated valve positioner
  • IP65, IP67, IP69K, NEMA4
  • ATEX certification
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Integrated, sturdy, flexible!

The new linear actuator DFPI is equipped for a wide range of applications thanks to ISO 15552, an optionally integrated positioner or an integrated displacement encoder, and an optimized guide rod for swivel motions. It is suitable for regulating air dampers, processing bulk materials as well as for regulating flow and fill levels.

Variable mounting

The standardized mounting interface with comprehensive accessories to ISO 15552 means it is easy to install in a wide variety of situations. The sturdy collar nuts make it possible to mount process valves using stud bolts. The optimized piston rod guide enables swivel motions, which are necessary for regulating ventilation flaps, for example. The DFPI easily absorbs the transverse forces on the piston rod.

Sturdy and reliable in use

Its compact design, high IP and corrosion protection, and not least the integration of the positioner or displacement encoder make the DFPI sturdy and reliable, even in places that were previously inaccessible. All in all, the DFPI is a compact unit that is quick and easy to install.

The technical highlights presented by the Product Manager

Linear drives from Festo in application