Mini slide DGST

The most compact slide actuator on the market. Integrated pneumatic shock absorber and sensor holders, integrated base cushioning. And best of all - slide and yoke comprise one single part - torsion-resistant with unrivalled precision.
  • Powerful twin-piston actuator
  • Shortest mini slide on the market
  • Precise recirculating ball bearing guide
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Design with supply ports and sensor slots that have a mirror-inverted configuration for space-saving installation can be ordered via the configurator
  • Variants recommended for production facilities for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries
  • Sustainable in production due to reduction of material use
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Motion from a single piece

Strong, precise and compact. The powerful twin-piston drive of the Mini slide DGST impresses with its precise and powerful recirculating ball bearing guide. However, what really makes it stand out is the combination of slide and yoke into a single part. The result: the greatest possible precision in the application.

A genuine space-saving miracle!

The cushioning components integrated in the installation space and the extremely short length make the DGST the most compact slide drive on the market. The DGST thus saves space in every customer application.

Cushioning: the choice is yours

The large range of cushioning options together with the use of position transmitters opens up numerous applications. The DGST can also be operated without additional cushioning to save costs.

High precision

The slide and the yoke in the DGST are made as a single part. This ensures the best possible degree of precision and conformity between the interfaces of the slide and yoke. In addition, the load capacity and sturdiness are increased, in particular that of the yoke interface.

Product Animation

Festo Elevator Pitch: DGST pneumatic slide series

Learn about the features and benefits of the DGST pneumatic slide series in 35 seconds

The technical highlights presented by the Product Manager