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Make some room!

Smaller packaging machines thanks to CPX/MPA

With the “Breakthrough Generation of Machines” from Italian packaging machine manufacturer Cama, manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals are experiencing a completely new feeling of space in their factories. The new machines from Cama take up one third less space—thanks to the valve manifold concept CPX/MPA.


Point by point

Automotive industry: Milling the electrodes of welding guns

The fact that spot welding is becoming ever faster and more reliable is illustrated by a customer-specific solution installed at Volvo in Sweden. The ingredients for this special Swedish recipe are electric actuator technology and vision systems from Festo, linked to the CPX automation platform. This means more reliability in the production of the sheet-metal components for Volvo car bodies, and more safety for the plant operators.

Services for installation and commissioning

Chances are, you don't have much time for trial operation these days. Nevertheless, during commissioning, you need to determine whether all systems work together optimally. We provide practical tools and offer you individual support, from installation through configuration and parameterization to instruction of the operating personnel.

Integrity test in ultrafiltration

An ultrafiltration system is a standard component in industrial water treatment, and the central component are the membranes. If they start to leak, contaminants will make their way into the filtrate. You need to monitor the differential pressure between inlet and outlet closely in order to identify leakages as early as possible. Festo recommends automated, decentralized pressure control and pressure monitoring for this function.


Production in the fast lane

Virtually fully automated body shop

With a 95% degree of automation, the Scania body shop in Oskarshamn, Sweden is one of the most modern vehicle manufacturing plants in the world. At the same time, the plant supports extensive customization. By the time they reach the end of the assembly line, virtually no two truck cabs are the same. So is this the Industrial Internet of Things in action? Automation products from Festo have certainly provided a solid basis.

Festo and Rockwell

Festo has been a proud, recognized partner of Rockwell Automation for over two decades as a supplier of intelligent pneumatic devices. We provide you with a comprehensive suite of support tools, from configuration and selection to integration and commissioning and beyond, to create seamless and optimal operation with your Rockwell Automation control system.

Transferring hovering objects

Levitating transfer of objects beyond system boundaries not only makes longer process chains possible without contact. It also permits low-maintenance operation in settings with strict cleanliness requirements.

Automation solutions for Tier 1 suppliers

It doesn't matter whether you work on actuators or chassis, the exterior and the interior, or you build electronics or tires, the conditions are challenging and the cost pressures are huge. Tier 1 suppliers need a technically optimized and highly efficient solution while having irrespective of where they need it; quick as possible and with the least amount of effort. And they often also need a technology mix using pneumatics and electrics.

Transporting in all spatial planes

There are already various technologies for moving objects by means of levitation. But thanks to the astonishing properties of superconductors – such as their stable levitation distance – totally new processes are conceivable in all spatial planes and directions.

Contactless turning, shaking and measuring

Superconducting automation modules can be implemented with a variety of active actuators. This makes it possible for them to perform even unusual motion sequences, suspension operations and handling processes by means of levitation.

Handling with spatial separation

Thanks to the defined levitating gap, not only can superconducting systems work in all spatial planes, but rather without contact through walls as well. This opens up entirely new prospects for handling systems in protected spaces and through coverings.


CogniGame is a reinterpretation of a well-known video game from the 1970s. However, the action now takes place on a real playing field: with two players, a ball and two clubs, each mounted on a linear axis along the baseline. The club can be driven along the line to the left or right to fend off the sphere and keep it in play. One player moves his club with a joystick, the second controls his linear axis solely by thought power via the brain-computer interface (BCI).


Picking, packing, and palletizing

Gaining a pneumatic advantage with proportional valves

“Our design-to-order concept sets us apart from the majority of packaging machine manufacturers,” says Michael Ruf, deputy general manager of Transnova Ruf. In addition to cutting-edge robotic and control technology, the company is using pneumatic automation technology from Festo, and especially proportional technology on valve manifolds.

Automation in car manufacturing

Success in car manufacturing demands that you be quicker, more flexible, and on top of that, more energy efficient. Festo helps you achieve that with pneumatic and electric solutions along the car vehicle manufacturing process chain, and getting the best out of both technologies.


Flexible, yet standardized

Servo presses and handling systems for connector assembly

Just as PCBs have successfully managed to pack an increasing amount of power into a smaller space, developers of plug connectors are working to accommodate more power and a higher contact density into smaller, lighter plug connectors. The family owned British manufacturer Harwin PLC relies on Festo automation to safeguard the quality and flexibility of its production using equipment such as the servo press kit YJKP and the compact handling system YXMx.


Optimised consumption

Festo Process Automaton Van

When you bring the Process Automation Van to your business or school, you'll get a hands-on look at our wide range of process automation products and complete process solutions. Our staff of experts in the field of automation will be on hand from start to finish to answer your questions and discuss your needs.

Food Packaging—safely automated

Hygiene is all-important in meat processing. Every one of your systems, from slaughter to meat processing to packaging, has to be meticulous in preventing contamination. To this end, we have pneumatic and electric automation solutions that are perfect for the processing of meat and sausages, made in hygiene-favorable designs, highly resistant to external influences and easy to clean.


Staying on track

Automatic adjustment of vehicle axles

The track and camber of vehicle axles has a major influence on driving behaviour. In automotive production, track and camber adjustment used to be a time-consuming, manual process. The current generation of machines from AuE Kassel GmbH performs fully automatic track and camber adjustment in less than 60 seconds. Festo components guarantee precision and speed in this process.

Automation in the semiconductor industry

In just 18 months, the system you set up today will have to produce chips which are twice as complex as the ones you’re making now – and sold at the same price. This only works with automated solutions that function reliably and economically. We’re well aware of how important absolute system availability is for manufacturers of semiconductors and electronic components. Which products and services do you need? Festo is there for you – worldwide.