End-position locking

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If the cylinder is to be held in the end position when the pressure fails, end-position locking is one of various options to do so. An end-position locking is not a single component, but rather an integrated component. Cylinders with end-position locking have the cylinder designation, the abbreviation ELV (end-position locking FRONT), ELH (end-position locking REAR) or ELB (end-position locking BOTH SIDES) in their designation. The end-position locking can be released by hand. To do this, you just need to screw an appropriate screw into the bolt. Pulling the screw releases the piston rod locking mechanism. This screw is supplied with cylinders with a nominal diameter of max. 40. For permanent locking, a screw has to be screwed into the housing. This blocks the bolt. The piston rod can only be unlocked once this screw has been removed.

Endlock de.png

Which screw is required to release or lock end-position locking?

Nominal diameter Cylinder Release Lock
20 M2x30  M3x20
25 M2x30 M3x20
32 M2x30 M3x20
40 M2x30 M3x20
50 M3x40 M5x35
63 M3x40 M5x35
80 M3x50 M5x45
100 M3x50 M5x45