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Drawing circuit diagrams - only a few years ago, this was still a strenuous task using a sharp pencil and templates. But Festo is able to provide computer-aided support. The software FluidDRAW® operates using an integrated library; the stored symbols are produced to DIN standard. If required, FluidDRAW® can work with the Festo digital product catalogue. Here important parameters such as the part number, type designation etc. can be directly included and immediately assigned to a parts list.


For drives, valves, valve terminals, air preparation, vacuum technology, flow/shut-off valves etc.: simply position the required symbols in the circuit through drag & drop or the search function.



  • Continuous rotation and scaling
  • Intelligent grid with automatic overlaying of auxiliary lines for
  • aligning symbols
  • Improved automatic cable routing
  • Manual setting of interpolation points for connecting lines possible
  • New function to make drawing working lines easier
  • Multiple window views of a drawing page can be displayed
  • and edited at the same time
  • Navigation window with selection of the page detail
  • Extended drawing functions
  • Basic graphic elements: lines with different arrowheads, rectangle,
  • circle, ellipsis, text, graphic
  • Simultaneous editing of the geometric properties of highlighted objects
  • Extended undo/redo function
  • Free input and positioning of connection designations

Parts lists

  • New parts list representation
  • Extended functions for selecting the listed project files
  • Printing of long lists over multiple pages
  • Direct editing of attributes in the parts list
  • Search function for components associated with the respective list entry
  • Interface to the Festo online shopping basket



  • Clearer representation of the project files
  • Improved administration of the project attributes
  • Copying of the globally defined drawing frame to new pages

General remarks

  • Greater drawing precision, greater zoom scale as a result(max. 10,000%)
  • New file format in XML syntax
  • Extended administration functions for user-specific symbol libraries
  • More efficient storage of libraries (better performance in the network)
  • Consistent separation of program and user files (fewer problems with permissions in the network)
  • Explicit specification of folder paths (no hidden INI entries required)
  • Better utilisation of multi-processor systems through the use of background processes
  • All attribute values can be displayed at any position as text references
  • Support for up to 255 drawing levels
  • No internal restriction on the number of objects (support for more extensive circuits/larger projects)
  • Direct access to the databases of the Festo catalogue (avoids interfacing problems with xDKI)
  • More precise definition of the page boundaries when printing

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