Opening and closing dates for 2022

Our Online Shop will remain open during the 2022 holidays. You will still be able to receive full access to our price, product availability, technical data and place orders via our Online Shop platform. However, no goods will be dispatched on these days.

If you haven’t registered on our Online Shop, please register or contact us and one of our agents will assist you.

Thank you for your continues support!

21st March 2022 - Human Rights Day

15th April 2022 - Good Friday

18th April 2022 - Family Day

27th April 2022 - Freedom Day

1st May 2022 - Worker's Day

2nd May 2022 - Public Holiday

16th June 2022 - Youth Day

9th August 2022 - National Women's Day

24th September 2022 - Heritage Day

16th December 2022 - Day of Reconciliation

25th December 2022 - Christmas Day

26th December 2022 - Day of Goodwill

1st January 2023 - New Year