Festo Learning Experience

The digital learning portal for individual learning experiences

In technical education and training it is particularly important not only to transfer theoretical knowledge, but also to offer the opportunity to apply and reinforce it directly in practice. Festo Learning Experience (Festo LX) is our innovative, digital learning portal that opens the door to a new way of learning. Festo LX takes a comprehensive approach to technical education and training by providing access to extensive, professionally prepared learning content and suitable practical applications Thanks to the smart combination of eLearning courses and practical exercises, students can be sure that they will be ready for working in today's and tomorrow's high-tech industry. Find out more about our Festo LX digital learning portal now and choose the licence that suits your requirements.

Key Festo LX benefits for you

  • Benefit from Festo Didactic courseware library in TVED.
  • Create new and modify existing courseware with the LX Creator.
  • Experience interactive multimedia learning.
  • Authentic learning in TVED directly with Festo Didactic learning systems in the lab or pure online learning.
  • Learn wherever and whenever you want using mobile devices with no infrastructure costs using the Festo LX cloud service.

Learning languages

The portal is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. More languages will be added on demand.

Data privacy on Festo LX

Festo LX and its data is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud-Platform Azure on an EU-based server. The system implements a privacy-by-design approach. Learner data is securely stored within a learner-record-store and managed only within the customer's organisation in Festo LX.

Customised courses for your learning success

A basic Festo LX subscription offers a sundry of benefits such as access to courseware and features for 1, 2, 3 and 5 years. In these years, you can select a package of 25, 50, 100, 200 learners that can receive active assignments. Furthermore, you get to tap into an organisation within Festo LX that has an unlimited number of administrators, teachers, and learners. User management is also up to your discretion.

Purchasing Festo LX

This online platform is purchased using vouchers. Interested companies and educational institutions can contact didacticTaC.za@festo.com for prices and voucher requests.

What makes Festo LX unique

With Festo LX, we have created a digital learning portal that offers a high degree of flexibility, personalisation and has integrated hardware. Festo LX includes an extensive library of professionally prepared course content from our industry experts that meets industry requirements.

Different learning formats are combined to make learning as varied and interactive as possible. The existing content is created on the basis of individual learning nuggets and can thus be quickly and easily adapted to the specific needs of the students.

With Festo LX, it is easy to combine theory and practice. Festo LX also shows courses that match the connected learning systems and can be used to carry out practical exercises In addition, in-house learning content can also be integrated into Festo LX and can be seamlessly combined with existing course content from Festo Didactic. This means that all learning materials are available in one place.

With Festo LX, we place a high value on security. All data is stored on European servers and the highest IT security standards are adhered to. In addition, regular security audits including penetration tests are carried out.

The advantages of Festo LX at a glance

  • Lessons are goal-oriented and individually structured
  • Can be used flexibly
  • Many different teaching and learning scenarios are supported (traditional or flipped classroom, distance learning, self-paced learning and many more)
  • Existing course materials can be linked with the appropriate learning systems from Festo Didactic, combining theory with practice and ensuring a successful learning curve
  • The learning content on Festo LX can be personalised using the online authoring tool LX Creator in order to meet the needs of teachers and students
  • You can enhance existing learning content with your own materials

The right licence for successful learning

There are different licensing models for Festo LX. A distinction is made between Festo LX Basic and Festo LX Lite, depending on how and how extensively Festo LX will be used. Festo LX is used as the learning platform for both options. Depending on the licence you choose, you have access to all or only certain learning content and features.

Do you already have your own learning management system?

Festo LX content integration

If you already have your own learning platform, you can also make Festo LX courses available on your learning platform by using content integration. Please note that only the selected content is integrated into the existing learning platform – you cannot access the features of Festo LX (e.g., customizing existing contents or creating your own).

Find out more about Festo LX content integration

Additional service that can be booked

Festo LX – Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Festo LX Single Sign-On (only available with Basic and Lite), your employees can log into Festo LX with their existing company account and do not have to create an additional account.

Find out more about Festo LX Single Sign-On

Festo LX provides teachers and students with a variety of different features that make learning easier.

Individual Learning

Festo LX offers a high degree of personalisation so that students are taught exactly the knowledge they need. The Festo LX courses follow the so-called nugget concept. Nuggets are small, self-contained training modules that make learning specific and effective. Nuggets are usually designed with a combination of text, images, videos, animations, links and other interactive elements. Several nuggets can be combined to create a course for a particular topic and to convey specific content.

LX Creator

The LX Creator makes individual learning even easier. You can work through existing learning nuggets and courses quickly and easily and even generate your own content. The LX Creator offers the same look and feel of the Festo Didactic content. This provides students with a consistent learning experience without a visual break and makes it much easier for teachers to create content.

LX Creator

Learning paths

Learning paths are made up of a combination of different courses on a specific topic or professional field. They provide structures and recommendations for the best possible order in which courses should be completed. Our learning paths are based on our expertise in training and education as well as on national occupational profiles and curriculum frameworks. The learning paths can be revised and created in the same way as courses with the LX Creator.

Equipment Management

Equipment Management lets you add and manage existing learning hardware in Festo LX. You can see at a glance what equipment and how many items of this equipment are available in the organisation. Suitable courses and learning nuggets are suggested based on the existing learning hardware. Non-Festo equipment can also be created in Festo LX, and is managed and added as the hardware needed for in-house developed nuggets.

Equipment Management

Learning Library

The Festo LX learning library comprises more than 600 courses on technical education and training topics. For more information, see the sections on "Course content in Festo LX" and "Course formats in Festo LX".

Learning Library


Thanks to the integrated evaluations in Festo LX, knowledge tests can be automatically carried out and evaluated. It is possible to set a specific time frame and the number of questions that have to be answered correctly in order to pass.

Connected Learning

With Connected Learning, Festo LX offers direct communication and interaction between the hardware and the learning content. This is how complex technical correlations are represented using visible signal flows, parameters are adjusted immediately, virtual instruments are applied and troubleshooting exercises are carried out.

Connected Learning

Learning analysis

Festo LX enables teachers to monitor the learning progress and success of their students. This how you can see at a glance how the individual learning groups are progressing and which students still need specific support with a topic. You can export the learning outcomes for individuals and groups in an editable format.

Platform connection

If you already have your own learning platform, you can easily integrate Festo LX content into an existing system, giving you access to the valuable Festo LX content without having to resort to an additional learning portal.

Course content in Festo LX

Festo LX offers a wide range of different learning contents for many areas of technical education and training, from factory automation and fluid engineering to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, as well as electrical engineering, process automation, renewable energy and STEM. The learning content available on Festo LX is constantly revised and expanded to meet educational needs.

Course formats in Festo LX

Having a range of different learning formats is crucial in order to make the lessons as effective and varied as possible. Festo LX provides a wide choice of options for presenting and transferring training content.

eLearning Courses

The training content of our eLearning courses is designed to be interactive and usually has a storytelling approach and a speaker who guides students through the course. These courses are particularly suitable as an introduction to new topics and provide a high-level overview. Best of all, you only need a tablet, laptop or smartphone with an Internet connection to complete the courses.

eLab Courses

Our eLab courses offer a wide range of hardware-related learning content, which is taught either using Festo Didactic equipment or simulation software. The courses include several exercises that are selected by a teacher dependent on the required learning outcomes. Our associated learning systems are required to complete the courses. Our eLab courses are designed to put previously learned theoretical knowledge to the test with practical tasks.

eTheory Courses

Our eTheory courses offer a wide range of hardware-independent training content on technical topics. Compared to eLearning courses, they usually convey a broader range of knowledge.


Our evaluations are used to check the students' prior knowledge or their progress on a particular topic. This is done using a catalogue with predefined questions. These must be completed in a certain amount of time and a specific number of questions must be answered correctly in order to pass These values are set by the teachers and adjusted to the level of difficulty as required.


Our simulations guide the students to carry out practical and safe experiments that have no impact on real processes. The simulations offer a cost-effective supplement to the learning process as there is no need to purchase additional learning equipment.

Tutorial videos

In our tutorial videos, experts present complex topics in a simple way. The videos provide easy to understand and practical explanations of current topics that fit within the scope of the technical training, enabling fast and effective learning


We are constantly developing and improving the available content on Festo LX together with valuable partners. For example, we have already worked together with renowned partners to develop courses that meet the requirements and competencies demanded by industry even more closely.

Mahr – training content for the new standard for Geometrical Product Specification

ISO GPS (GPS = Geometrical Product Specification) has been the standard for a globally uniform, unambiguous geometrical language since 2022. This standard ensures that technical drawings have a clear description, thus avoiding the need for clarifications during subsequent implementation. Everyone involved in the creation and implementation of technical drawings must therefore be brought up to the same level so that the methodology and regulations can be correctly applied and interpreted. To close this knowledge gap among employees in design, quality assurance and production departments, Festo Didactic and Mahr have developed a joint learning program to familiarise employees in these areas with the basic knowledge of the ISO GPS standard.

Find out more about the content developed with Mahr