Festo and Rockwell Automation

Festo CPX/MPA pneumatic valve manifold

Festo has been a recognized partner of Rockwell Automation for nearly 2 decades, starting with the Pyramid Solutions Program in the early 90’s, to the Encompass program of today.  We have a long history of integrating control technology into valve manifolds, with many “firsts” to our credit:

  • Integrated valve manifold technology
  • Embedded SLC PLC into valve manifold
  • Custom serial bus embedded through-out valve manifold, pneumatics and I/O

This is trend setting technology, and establishes Festo as an innovator among our competition.  Combined with Rockwell Automation technology, we can provide customers with numerous benefits such as time savings, component reduction, and improved diagnostics and commissioning. 


Please consider to contact Festo when considering an automation supplier to provide pneumatics, or other related automation products, to interface with your Rockwell Automation control system.  You can review below our list of Encompass referenced products, or peruse our 30,000+ automation components at your leisure from our website, www.festo.com/us

Fieldbus Module CTEU

Fieldbus Module CTEU

The CTEU fieldbus modules, available in a variety of protocols, are compatible with Festo devices with IO-Link interface which can be used as a direct connection to valve terminals or part of a gateway system; the system can easily be serviced with built-in diagnostics.


Fieldbus Module CTEU


Valve Interfaces - Pneumatic

The Festo CPX/MPA pneumatic valve manifold provides the widest array of functionality of any manifold in the industry, including proportional & directional valves, analog and digital I/O, and hybrid motion solutions.  Compatible with DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP.


Valve manifold MPA with CPX





Valve Controllers – Pneumatic

The Festo VPPM/MPA can provide up to 16 proportional pressure regulators on one network interface.  Compatible with DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP.


VPPM-MPA: Proportional technology


Safety – Valves

The Festo MS6-SV is a safety dump valve (CAT4, pl “e”, Sil 3) with an integrated soft-start function.  Can be interfaced with any Rockwell safety output device.


Soft-start/quick exhaust valve MS6-SV


Vision – Machine

The Festo SBO-Q vision system ensures reliable quality inspection, coordinate position, character and code reading, and pattern matching.  Compatible with Ethernet/IP.


Intelligent Compact Vision System