Highly efficient beverage bottling and packaging

Festo offers efficient, food-safe beverage technology for every taste, whether it's for beer, liquor, water or even juice. This video shows how clever automation can optimise beverage production, from manufacturing the bottles to the filling line for beverages to end line packaging.

Perfectly coordinated beverage bottling

Given the large quantities to be processed, you cannot afford any interruptions in your bottling systems in the beverage industry, let alone contamination. This is where an experienced partner who offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that you can easily access from anywhere in the world can help. In other words, automation technology from Festo. Here’s a real-life example:

Efficiency in beverage production

Smart product features, high system availability, large production volumes – what’s important to you? Take a look at these examples to find out how you can increase the performance of your beverage filling lines or the handling systems for beverage packaging:

Drives that last longer

The modular sealing system from Festo offers you the right solution for every drive application. For example, dry-running seals give the drive a significantly longer service life. This ensures that your filling line for beverages operates reliably, even if the drive lubrication has been washed out by frequent cleaning.

Greater productivity with decentralised valve terminals

Decentralised systems offer optimum cycle rates and are easy to install, maintain and clean. And you save compressed air and energy costs thanks to shorter supply lines. Two examples from Festo include the valve terminal VTUG installed in a control cabinet or the clean design valve terminal MPA-C installed directly in the field – easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and FDA-compliant.

OEE – increasing system availability

High system availability can be planned. The key indicators for overall equipment effectiveness are availability, performance and quality. These examples show how you can reduce downtimes and increase cycle rates while maintaining top quality.

OEE – Increasing system efficiency (PDF)

From the blank to the bottle under high pressure

When it comes to high-pressure applications such as stretch blow moulding PET bottles, Festo has the right pneumatic products. The key to success is precise control using valves and valve blocks and the proper compressed air preparation. And, of course, our worldwide services, from design engineering tools to operation.

Efficiently automated beverage bottling

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