Questions Answers

What is the App World?

The App World is the Festo online portal where you can purchase all new smart services (apps, software libraries, cloud products etc.).

What kind of products are offered in the App World?

In a first phase, you are able to purchase following products:

•Motion Apps for the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM
•ePlan projects for a selected product range.

Is the App World connected to the Festo Online Shop?

No, App World and Festo Online Shop are operating independently. However, you can also use your existing Online Shop Account for the App World.

Do I need to register in order to use the App World?

To view our App World products, no registration is required. For purchasing a product from the App World, you need to register. Customers that are already registered (in the Online Shop or as a customer in any of our systems) don’t need a further registration. New customers need to be registered. Please follow the instructions, accordingly.

How to register in the App World?

Please follow the instructions, given in the registration process.

Can I order products of the App World via E-Mail, telephone or fax?

No, you cannot order App World products per E-Mail, telephone, or fax.

How can I find my needed products?

You can find products via the menu where the products are categorized by product category or by its function .

How can I buy products in the App World?

In a first step, please make sure that you are successfully logged in in the App World. Select the products that you would like to purchase. For some products you need to key in the product key or identcode of the corresponding hardware product. After reviewing product information, technical details and price, you can put the product in your basket. After proceeding to check out, you will receive the order confirmation via Email with a link to the purchased software product in “my account”. Here, you can download your purchased files or licenses

Which product specific information does the App World need from me?

If you want to purchase Motion Apps, you need to key in the product key. In case of an ePlan project, you will need the Ident Code/s of the product (e.g. for a MPA valve terminal you need Ident Code 1 and 2).

What if I cannot read the product key?

For products with fieldbus connection (e.g. VTEM), it is possible to read the product key via the fieldbus.

Are customer specific conditions (price/delivery) considered in the App World?

Yes, these conditions are considered after a successful login with your account.

What payment methods are active in the App World?

Currently on account only (that means based on invoice and given payment terms)

What can I do, if can’t get my license because of a wrong or misspelled E-Mail address?

You can download the ordered licenses in the App World (under MyAccount) again. To correct a misspelled E-Mail address, please contact your local Festo contact center.

Can I get an overview of ordered products?

Navigate to MyAccount, there you can see the ordered products/licences. Here, you can also download already ordered products/licences again at any point in time.

Is it possible to check, which product keys and related licences I have currently in use?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact your local contact center.

Is it possible to get the product key directly with the order confirmation of the hardware product for pre-configuration?

No. As our products with product key are in most of the cases configurable products, it is not possible to generate a product key at the same time as the standard order confirmation is sent.

Can already purchased contingents / combinations of apps be assigned to another hardware

No, this is not possible.

Do you also offer company licenses (e.g. purchases of several VTEMs with the same configuration of apps)?

No, currently not.

Is the App World the only access point for additional software licences or apps of the VTEM?

Yes, that is correct.

How can I purchase a Festo Motion Terminal

The first order of the VTEM (hardware and software) is possible through all our channels (including Online Shop). Ordering additional loadable apps is exclusively possible via the App World.

What happens in case of failure of the Festo Motion Terminal with the purchased licences? How is the replacement process?

If a Festo Motion Terminal (VTEM) fails, the product must be returned to Festo and the defective hardware replaced. The software will also be exchanged and re-licensed. This means that software licenses can not be transferred to another device.