Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic
Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic

Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic

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Avoid machine downtimes due to component failure with continuous AI-based cylinder monitoring. Our AX Motion Insights Pneumatic industrial app makes it easy to get started with condition-based maintenance of pneumatic components: Thanks to standardized AI models and a user-friendly UI, commissioning is done with just a few mouse clicks. Start your AI journey now!


Data makes the unplanned plannable. Pneumatic cylinders are used in almost every machine for automation tasks. Failing components lead to unplanned downtimes. With Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic, we offer predictive maintenance for cylinders and thus an AI solution at a fixed price that you can easily install and integrate yourself. "Plug and play": simply download the Industrial App and get started! 



  • Continuous monitoring of the pneumatic cylinders for wear and anomalies
  • Health Score as “risk of failure” indicator
  • Connectivity via PLC function block and AX Motion Insights Pneumatic Connectivity Adapter
  • Plug and play: no data science or AI expertise required
  • Works with actuators from all manufacturers: one standard app for all
  • Simple visualization and access via web browser




  • Make maintenance plannable, reduce unplanned downtime
  • Higher productivity (OEE) and output
  • Reduced production and personnel costs
  • Extended service life of your systems
  • Fixed price per cylinder makes the investment plannable


License Options

With Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic, you can choose from various package sizes. The licenses are one-year licenses that are automatically renewed if not cancelled.

  • Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic License package to monitor up to 10 cylinders (8201760,  GASA-MIP-CTR-12M-10)
  • Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic License package to monitor up to 100 cylinders (8201761,  GASA-MIP-CTR-12M-100)
  • Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic License package to monitor up to 1.000 cylinders (8201762,  GASA-MIP-CTR-12M-1000)

Calculation examples:

You want to monitor 20 cylinders in your machine?
Buy "GASA-MIP-CTR-12M-10" twice

Do you want to monitor 230 cylinders in your systems?
Buy two times "GASA-MIP-CTR-12M-100" plus three times "GASA-MIP-CTR-12M-10".ç



  • AI-based industrial app for monitoring linear pneumatic actuators
  • Compatibility with all manufacturers, connectivity via provided control function block
    • Currently available: Siemens S7 Classic and TIA
    • Other manufacturers: in later releases as standard. Today on request with individual effort
  • Clear dashboards for a quick overview
  • Comprehensive reports for controlling maintenance tasks
  • Integration with maintenance manager Festo AX Smartenance possible: Get started with comprehensive, digital maintenance management: condition-based and effective
  • Flexible deployment from the edge IPC to the cloud thanks to the use of Docker container technology
Technical Details

The AX Motion Insights Pneumatic software is delivered as an OCI container. A container runtime is therefore required as the execution environment. As a customer, you receive access to our container registry and can obtain the app via this registry. The process is described in the User Manual/Application Note.

User Manual/Application Note:

Technical Requirements

The Industrial App runs on industrial PCs, virtual machines (VM) or other devices and computing instances that meet the following hardware requirements:
CPU: min. 4-core, x86-64bit (Core i5 or higher)

  • HDD: 120 GB or more
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • 1x Ethernet network interface

And the following software requirements:

  • Installed Docker runtime (OCI container)
  • Docker-Compose v2.0
  • WebUI: optimized for Webkit-based browsers and Firefox
  • UI is optimized for a resolution of: 1024x768 or higher

Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic accesses the data provided via the function block. To do this, PUT/GET communication must be activated on Siemens controllers. 

Festo AX Motion Insights Pneumatic can monitor pneumatic actuators from different manufacturers. The only restriction is this formula relating to the travel time of the actuator. This must be greater than ten times the PLC cycle time:

Travel time > PLC cycle time * 10