Selectable pressure level (ECO)
Selectable pressure level (ECO)
Festo Motion Terminal

Selectable pressure level (ECO)

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Save energy by setting several pressure levels. Simply set the pressure for the selected movements to a reduced level. Additionally, you can control the speed with the flow control valve setting.

The Motion App „Selectable pressure level (ECO)“ makes energy-saving cylinder motion with defined force possible. This lets you avoid unnecessarily high air consumption with oversized drives. Using a control command in the supply chamber, the pressure for the entire movement can be reduced. This can be achieved by using a pressure regulator on the supply side. It continues to be throttled on the exhaust side if the speed is not set.

As a user, you can specify, for example, variably adjustable pressures in the end position in order to achieve specific forces such as for press-fitting applications. Separate and cyclical format change-overs for each valve outlet can also be carried out via PLC commands. Using the integrated sensors, you can specify a set pressure for both valve outlets independently of each other. The Festo Motion Terminal VTEM regulates the pressure independently and signals the current pressure at the valve outlet to the higher-order controller.

As a part of the Motion App start package, you can assign this app to every valve position, even to several positions at the same time.

Technical Details

-       Specifications in the Motion App and via the PLC:

  • Pressure at duct 2 and throttle opening at duct 4
  • Pressure at duct 4 and throttle opening at duct 2

-       Feedback to the controller:

  • Pressure at duct 2
  • Pressure at duct 4

-       Pre-pressurization function:

  • If, when starting the Motion App, the exhaust air pressure in the cylinder chambers is below 2 bar rel., both chambers will be pressurized in a controlled way to the set pressure level before starting the requested movement. This prevents the pistons from retracting into a completely pre-exhausted end position.

-       Energy efficiency:

  • What is important when it comes to increasing energy efficiency with this motion task is the pressure level on the supply side. If this can be reduced considerably compared to the supply pressure, then a marked reduction in energy consumption is possible. The possible drop in the pressure level and the associated energy saving potential are strongly affected by how the drive is loaded.

-       Validity:

  • Pressure range: 0 … 8 bar rel.
  • Target pressure in cylinder chamber 2 …  8 bar rel.

-       Notes:

  • If the value below 0.1 bar rel. is greater than the detected exhaust pressure, the pressure regulator will be exhausted. This is also a default function of other Festo pressure regulators. Restrictions are in place above the detected supply pressure.
  • The terms pressure level and exhaust air do not refer to the valve connections, but to the movement. Advancing: Pressure level (4), Exhaust air (2), Retracting: Pressure level (2), Exhaust air (4)