Multi stage pneumatic cylinder

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Multi stage pneumatic cylinders

Several positions can be reached with a multi stage pneumatic cylinder. A three or four-stage cylinder consists of two separate cylinders with piston rods extending in the opposite direction. Depending on control and stroke distribution, the cylinder can therefore assume up to four positions, each of which is moved exactly to the stop.
To achieve 3 positions, two cylinders of the same stroke length must be connected to each other. With 4 positions, two cylinders of different stroke lengths are connected to each other.
It should be noted that when one end of the piston rod is stationary, the cylinder barrel carries out the movement. The cylinder must be connected with movable pipe connections.
The cylinders are connected with a multi-position kit. Festo offers multi-position kits for the ADN compact air cylinders and DSBC/DSBG profile/tie rod air cylinders as well as DNC.