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Festo is more than a global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions. We are a trusted partner, helping our customers build better products, streamline production, and cut costs through innovation.

Today’s technological revolution is powered by engineering breakthroughs and transformative innovation, but it is defined by something far simpler...to make life easier. At Festo, our mission is to make the world a more convenient, comfortable and efficient place, and not simply for consumers. We are committed to the manufacturers who build the products, the men and women who need time-saving engineering tools and energy efficient components in order to succeed.

For over 40 years in the U.S. (and 80 years globally), Festo has been fueled by the desire to help “build a better machine,” through a combination of innovative products, expert advice and differentiated customer support. We are driven by a desire to serve and an obligation to observe. To analyze. To inspire. To engineer with an intense focus on every last detail. To transform the way people work—and the way companies compete.

Everything we do at Festo is guided by five values: not business values, but fundamental principles that guide our actions and the way we work as a company and with our customers:

We are ambitious, shaping our destiny by relentlessly pursuing success.

We are determined, meeting challenges through courage, hard work, agility, and the drive to win.

We are visionary, having the foresight to look beyond the horizon, seeing “what’s next,” and having the road map to get there.

We are respectful, understanding the value of others, embracing collaboration, and learning from each other’s perspectives.

We are dependable, making our word our bond, and nurturing relationship built on trust and reliability.

Our values, along with these key differentiators, help us turn the power of intelligent automation into a catalyst for customer transformation:

Industry-leading quality

Quality is one of the supporting pillars of Festo, and has been since our independent, privately owned company began in 1925. It’s not just evident in the components and solutions we build, but in our daily operations...how we work together...how we manage...how we serve our customers.

At Festo, quality is not just an attribute but a holistic approach, practiced internally and externally, throughout production, training, services and logistics processes, delivered consistently and at the highest level, from our products to our people


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Worldwide presence, with local roots

With over 250 branch offices in 176 countries and national companies in 61 countries, you can rest assured that our products and services are in close proximity and available to you.

Here in the U.S., we have invested in a new, state-of-the-art Regional Service Center in Mason, Ohio. Covering over 200,000 square feet, this centrally located plant is an efficient product supply organization comprised of logistics, production, purchasing and engineering, with guaranteed short delivery times and excellent delivery reliability.

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Everything from a single source

Whether you need pneumatic components, electric drive technology, hybrid systems for your factory or process automation applications, Festo can delivery everything from single products to complete solutions.

Our mission is to be your one-stop shop, and not just for what you need today, but tomorrow as well. As calls for greater availability, energy efficiency and just-in-time production continue to increase, Festo, with its holistic view of the changes in the production world, looks beyond technology, taking other points of view into account. Together with partners from science and industry, Festo is researching new solutions and technologies for the production of the future.

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Cost-effective products with quality you can depend on

At Festo, we are also committed to keeping things simple and cost-effective. Order anything from our core product range as indicated by a star, and you will get Festo quality at an attractive price...and in short time. These industrial automation components are ready for immediate delivery.

Our core product range is easy to order with just a few clicks. Price, availability and order tracking—everything is completely transparent!

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From inspiration to innovative automation solutions

As innovators, we often find inspiration in unusual places. Nature, for example, is bringing us into new realms for tomorrow’s automation technologies today. While some people just see an elephant swinging its trunk or a manta ray swimming, we see a new way to transform manufacturing and give our customers an edge.

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