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Festo and Rockwell

A Partnership Built on a Shared Commitment

Festo has been a proud, recognized partner of Rockwell Automation for over two decades as a supplier of intelligent pneumatic devices. We provide you with a comprehensive suite of support tools, from configuration and selection to integration and commissioning and beyond, to create seamless and optimal operation with your Rockwell Automation control system.

Do you find yourself losing time, money, and patience integrating devices from multiple suppliers? You’re not alone. It’s one of the key challenges machine builders and system integrators face, presenting a series of hurtles throughout the project lifecycle.

As a partner of the Rockwell Automations Encompass Product Program, Festo eliminates these pain-points with intelligent pneumatics, and other related automation products and tools, to solve your application challenges. Combined with Rockwell Automation, we provide solutions to cover the entire project lifecycle, from proposal writing to commissioning to operation to post-sales support.

Integrated Architecture Builder Program

Festo is enrolled in the Integrated Architecture Builder program from Rockwell Automation, a free software tool that greatly assists system integrators during the proposal writing stage.

Use this tool to layout and validate control systems, and generate proposals and BoM’s. You can also take advantage of the tool’s advanced selection assistance and a graphical interface for designing systems.

Festo valve terminals, safety valves, and other referenced products are included in Integrated Architecture Builder, helping you accelerate your proposal creation and reduce your time to commission.

Rockwell Integrated Architecture Builder

Festo Maintenance Tool

Festo provides solutions to support machine builders though the commission stage, ensuring that our valve terminals interface with Rockwell Control systems as seamlessly as possible.

Our Festo Maintenance Tool (FMT) provides an export to a L5K file, which can embed a CPX valve terminal configuration directly into your software, including description notes and parameter values. Less sophisticated valve terminals for EtherNet/IP or IO-Link have an Enable Key from Rockwell to provide Premier Integration. Whether used for commissioning, configuration or extended diagnosis, FMT is a helpful tool for simplifying the building process.

Download Festo Maintenance Tool for CPX


At Festo, we understand the vital role digitization plays in optimal machine operation, and we have the state-of-the-art tools and solutions to take full advantage of the “fourth industrial revolution.”

We offer the world’s first digital pneumatic valve terminal, the VTEM, which is configured with Apps and can be used to optimize energy efficiency and flexibility. All Festo solutions provide best-in-class diagnostics, to support maintenance and troubleshooting and instructions for easy integration with a Rockwell controller. Festo also provides Encompass Referenced safety solutions for pneumatics.

Digitization extends to our post-sales support. You can access our comprehensive manuals and a global MRP system from anywhere on the globe, with just a click of the mouse. And you can use our digital tools such as QR codes for unique product keys to support the exact configuration of our automation products.

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