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Welcome to the world of semiconductor technology, where precision and innovation converge to power the digital revolution. At Festo, we understand the unique challenges faced by the semiconductor industry and offer cutting-edge solutions to address them. Our expertise extends to a wide range of applications within the semiconductor industry. Whether it's the specialized gas supply and chemical polishing gas control units, wafer wet cleaning, or chip handling and transferring, we have the knowledge and technology to optimize your processes.

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Special gas supply and chemical polishing gas control unit

Application area:
Semiconductor (both special gas supply and chemical polishing gas control units are used in the semiconductor front-end processes)

Highlights of application:
Without the need for a power source, the gas supply to the gas cylinder can still be cut off; Adopting special OR valve design to ensure uninterrupted system control; Hot swappable function allows for the replacement of solenoid valves without the need to turn off the air supply.

Customized sulution:

  • Customized manual safety circuit with multi-channel control using manual valves and logic valves, while also having a more compact design.
  • The specially designed manual energy storage gas cylinder switch system not only retains manual operation mode, but also can automatically shut off gas cylinders without any power source.

A simple customized cylinder driven red indicator saves space while ensuring operational safety.

Wafer wet cleaning

Application area:
Semiconductor (semiconductor front-end process section)

Highlights of application:
During the lifting and lowering process of the large-sized wafer cleaning protective bowl, the speed and position can be continuously adjusted. An electric cylinder with protective function is used to provide swing and flat feed for the cleaning nozzle.

Chip handling and transferring

Application area:
Semiconductor (semiconductor backend packaging and testing)

Highlights of application:
Compact and economical electric cylinders, modular design, combined into a robotic arm that is simpler and faster, with ultra small and ultra-thin sliding drive installed side by side for more compact installation. Equipped with built-in compressed air channels, vacuum suction cups can be directly installed without the need for external air tubings and an integrated vacuum control unit for suction and rupture. It integrates vacuum control, positive pressure control, blowing flow regulation, and positive and negative pressure sensors, Both built-in vacuum generator and direct connection to external vacuum sources can be provided, as well as multi-channel vacuum filtration gas. The filter cartridge is highly integrated, and the transparent shell can visually see the usage of the filter cartridge. No additional tools are required to replace the filter cartridge.

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Customized solutions

We understand that no two projects are the same. That's why we offer customizable solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team collaborates with you to design and engineer semiconductor solutions tailored to your needs. To learn more about our customer solutions visit Automation Systems and Solutions.