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Festo is a global partner to the beer industry

Founded in 1925 in Germany, Festo has long been a partner to the brewery industry. As the world's leading provider of pneumatic and electrical automation technology, we offer the right solution for every challenge. With around 30,000 catalogue products, customized components and ready-to-install solution with a service package to match, we are your perfect global partner factory and process automation. We exploit the synergies between both areas for your benefit while our fully integrated range offers you solutions from a single source. As you can see, we are about more than just components.

1) Customized process control cabinets

Focus on your core competency as a leading designer of equipment for the craft brew industry and outsource control cabinet design and fabrication. With four production locations and a staff of design engineers, Festo is able to design custom or serial process control cabinets to be easily integrated onto your equipment.

Utilizing our expertise to design a solution for your equipment will be both cost effective and will free up valuable resources for you. Festo will design a cabinet using your standard third party components as well as their products with industry leading features like bulkhead mounted valve terminals and combined electrical and pneumatic terminals.

Customer Solutions

  • Single cabinets or repeatable/scalable solutions.
  • Multiple design and fabrication facilities.
  • IL508A, IL698A/1604 certification.
  • Designed to global standards (UL/CE).

Learn More about Customer Solutions

Bulkhead Mounted Valve Terminals

Installing a high number of pneumatic valves inside of cabinet can be costly and time consuming.

Festo bulkhead mounted valves can reduce short tubing runs, decrease installation time, eliminate leak points and reduce hardware costs.

Download the "Best practices to reduce cost and improve performance of your filtration skid" white paper

2) Solutions for keg and vessel cleaning

Utilizing steam, hot water or cleaning solutions is a requirement in many craft brew applications. Vessels, kegs and brewing equipment must be sterilized on a regular basis according to regulations. An angle seat valve is the perfect simple valve to control the flow of liquids and gases. It is economical, simple in design, and easy to install. It also is suitable for a wide temperature range and wide variety of media, including those with degree or contaminants.

In most cases, a single inline valve is a suitable solution and requires a simple pneumatic signal to actuate the valve. If there are cases where multiple valves are required to handle the same media, they can be ordered in a manifold. This significantly reduces installation time and service, and reduces the number of fluidic connections and tubing on the equipment.

Versatile Range for Media Control

  • Brass or Stainless
  • NPT, BSP, clamp connections
  • Wide temperature
  • Suitable for clean or dirty media
  • Ideal for steam and cleaning solutions
  • Pneumatic pilot with indicator

A Solution to Save Time and Cost

Consult with Festo engineers to learn about valuable pre-engineered options:

  • Manifold mounting
  • Stroke adjustments
  • Electrical sensing

3) Simple and cost effective controls

Pneumatic valves, I/O, and controllers play a central role in controlling automation on the equipment. There are several innovations in the industry which will reduce hardware costs and simplify the automation concept.

Combining pneumatic valves, pilot valve, I/O and other peripherals on a single terminal will simplify a BOM, decreasing installation time. Electrical and pneumatic valve terminals can connect to any PLC over ethernet and provide additional diagnostic information about the health of the automation system.

CODESYS is an open hardware and software standard based on the international standard IEC61131 that supports well known languages such as structured text, ladder logic, function block diagram and more. It has been adopted by many device manufacturers and is in use by leading craft brew equipment suppliers today. The hardware and software cost savings will more than offset the effort to program in this intuitive environment. Embedding the controller into the terminal reduces cabinet size allows for more flexible automation concept.

CODESYS Controller and Touchscreen

Embedded in terminal or touchscreen open protocol supported by most device manufacturers.

Can handshake with supervisory PLC or SCADA systems.

Services for Programming

Learn More about Flexible Automation

A trend in automation is solve problems with repeatable modules. Rather than redesigning and scaling up in size, modular automation concept allows you to solve different problems by combining smaller modules.

Download "Plants based on the Lego principle. Modular automation with valve terminals" white paper

4) Better beer quality through high compressed air quality

Great care must always be taken when compressed air comes into contact with food products, because compressed air is not clean by nature. One the contrary, solids and particles are present almost everywhere in the form of dust in various concentrations. Water, in the form of natural atmospheric humidity, is released in large quantities when the compressed air cools down. Oils and vapors can impact the taste of the food product and present hazards to the consumer. Thus, compressed air quality in accordance with the requirements of the respective application provides best possible safety for foods, consumers and food producers.

In most cases, in a brewery, compressed air is used as pilot air in order to control valves and cylinders. However, significantly higher levels of purity are required when compressed air is used as process air. Typical applications in breweries include cleaning or drying bottles and cans during the filling process or blowing out lines between batches. One of the more sensitive applications is wort aeration, where compressed air is contact with the product for an extended period of time. In all cases, the final quality of the beer is impacted by the compressed air and the odors and particles that are contained in it.

MS-Series Compressed Air Preparation

Highly modular system with flow rates up to 28,000 l/min.

Advanced features such as flow monitoring and Category 3 and 4 safety valves.

Pre-configured air preparation units designed specifically for the food industry.

MS-Series Compressed Air Preparation

Learn more about compressed air quality

As a global expert in compressed air, Festo has written several white papers regarding recommended compressed air quality for different applications.

Visit the Festo website to learn more about how you can ensure reliable and safe compressed air quality.

Download "Food safety: food quality through high compressed air quality" white paper

5) Control the flow!

Breweries are full of piping and process control valves. As your brewery gets larger, the need for automated process control becomes greater.

Festo is your partner in process automation, offering a full range of process valves, sensors and positioners.

Simple on/off solutions meet many applications, while with positioners you can proportionally control the flow rate through the valve. Innovative solutions like the VZQA pinch valve, provide further opportunity for controlling your production process in a hygienic and simple manner.

VZQA Pinch Valve

Hygienic design in compact space.

1/4" and 1/2" sizes with threaded or tri-clamp ends.

Normally open or normally closed designs.

EPDM, silicone and NBR pinching elements.

VZQA Pinch Valve

SFAW Flow Sensor

Available in flow ranges of 32 l/min and 100 l/min.Optional temperature sensor.Analog, discrete or IO-link outputs available. Customized version available specifically for beer.

SFAW Flow Sensor

6) Clean with confidence!

Breweries must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning process can be very tough on components due to failure from getting wet or corroded. The Clean Design portfolio from Festo is specifically engineered to meet the needs of food and beverage factories.

With smooth surfaces, large radii, and the absence of dirt traps, these solutions make your cleaning process faster with better results. Food-safe grease and FDA approved materials ensure your beer won't be introduced to any unsafe contaminants.

Corrosion resistant materials prevent premature failure, and electrical connections designed for the washdown process help prevent unexpected failures - all keeping you brewing beer instead of repairing equipment.

CRDSNU Stainless Steel Cylinder

316 stainless steel rod and 304 body for superior corrosion resistance.

NSF-H1 grease and FDA approved seals.

Self-adjusting cushioning for long service life and consistent operation.

CRDSNU Stainless Steel Cylinder

NPQH/PUN-H Fitting and Tubing Combination

FDA approved materials.

Resistant to CIP chemicals and beer.

Wide variety of sizes and tubing colors.

Fitting and Tubing Combination

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