Digital learning

Digitalization is changing the world of learning

Just like industry, vocational education and training is in a continuous process of change. Thus, digital transformation not only changes what is to be learned in the context of technical education or training, but also how it can be learned. Technological progress is therefore giving rise to many innovative forms of learning that, when put together in modern didactic learning concepts, offer new opportunities for the education sector.

What does "digital learning" or "eLearning" mean?

Contemporary education can no longer avoid the term digital learning. What it refers to is learning supported by digital media and technologies, learning with digital tools or even in digital learning worlds. Although the term has become widely accepted in the field of education, learning is still a cognitive process. The idea of being able to download knowledge directly into one's brain may sound quite tempting, but it remains a pipe dream for the time being.

Nevertheless, digital learning media can not only make learning more fun, but also help people achieve their desired learning goals faster and more sustainably.

While learning with digital tools is not meant to replace traditional pedagogy, it has become crucial for schools and career training programs to adopt innovative education models that reflect the high tech, fast-paced world we live in.

Not only technology - but also didactic strategy

One thing is certain: digital technologies in education should not be an end in themselves. Rather, they must be used in a targeted manner to achieve clearly defined educational goals. A didactic concept that integrates criteria conducive to learning is therefore essential to unleash the full potential of digital learning support.

Our approach to industrial career training

All our learning solutions have one thing in common: and that is the goal of action competence. We don't want to impart pure knowledge, but rather enable learners to use their acquired skills in practice in a goal-oriented way. That's why we always combine theory modules with practical training on our learning systems. Modern digital learning solutions support you in combining both in a meaningful way.