Laboratory and workshop equipment for technical education

Educational concepts

Realistic learning environments – for rapid learning and better opportunities in the labor market

New technologies and rapid economic development are creating an urgent demand for trained personnel. Professionals need both hands-on experience and a basic understanding of advanced technologies. The solution is a needs-based training aligned with local industry requirements.

Turnkey training solutions

Educational Concepts Learning Center

Learning-environment design

The conception, design, and equipping of schools, learning labs, and training centers are an integral part of our education and training solutions . We create customized, turnkey learning environments aligned to your training requirements, which can vary according to country, industry, or training institution. Our hands-on training environments support rapid learning, increase company productivity, and improve graduate employment opportunities.

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Mobile Training Labs

Mobile training laboratories

Training wherever you need it. Fully-equipped, adaptable, mobile training labs provide your school, university, or company with a temporary, cost-effective, and flexible solution, enabling you to provide comprehensive training for wide range of vocations and technologies.

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Festo Authorized and Certified Training

FACT – Festo Authorized and Certified Training

The quality seal representing an internationally-accepted standard for learning equipment, training methods, and technical equipment in industrial automation and mechatronics. FACT helps you meet your vision of becoming a premier provider of industry-based education. With modern equipment and a transfer of engineering and educational expertise.

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Curriculum Development

Curricula, certification, and managed services

After a market analysis and definition of occupations, we work with you to develop vocational training curricula in accordance with the respective national training plan. We also offer solutions for trainee certifications.

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Reference Projects

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