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Proportional directional control valves VPWP

The 5/3 proportional directional control valve is suitable for applications with Soft Stop and servopneumatic positioning.
It is fully digitalized—with integrated pressure sensors and new diagnostic functions. Available in sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10. The flow rates are 350, 700, 1,400 and 2,000 l/min. It has a switching output for controlling a brake and color-coded supply ports. The pre-assembled cables guarantee faultless and fast connection with the controllers CPX-CMPX and CPX-CMAX.
The advantages are: clear installation and quick commissioning, reduction of system downtimes thanks to the new diagnostics options.

Proportional directional control valves MPYE

The MPYE proportional directional control valves from Festo [W+W1] convert an electrical, analog setpoint value signal proportionally into a defined opening cross-section. The proportional directional valves are designed as 5/3-way valves and are therefore suitable for operating pneumatic actuators such as ADN, DNSU, DGC or DGPL. MPYE valves can also be used as highly dynamic, remotely adjustable needle valves to realize different speed profiles with pneumatic actuators. In combination with an SP11 end position controller, Soft Stop functions and movement to up to two intermediate positions are possible.

Proportional flow control valves VPCF

The VPCF proportional flow control valve controls a corresponding volumetric flow rate proportional to a preset electrical, analog setpoint value signal. The proportional ratio between setpoint value and flow rate is always constant and linear and therefore repeatable. The directly operated flow control valve regulates a constant flow rate, independent of pressure fluctuations, by integrated control electronics. Thanks to ATEX II 3 GD approval, applications in ATEX zones are also possible.