Electric Automation

Do you want easy and seamless connectivity? Embedded in sustainable and compatible concepts? With open platforms, even for the Industry 4.0? Festo supports you on your path to integrated automation of machines and systems with mechanical, electrical and intelligent automation modules that interact flawlessly and do not impose any technical restrictions on you. Get an overview of our range of electric automation products and suitable engineering tools here.

You compose the perfect melody for your song. Compose your perfect servo drive package too. With seamless connectivity.

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Cartesian handling systems - a technical comparison with conventional robots

Why is it worthwhile to use Cartesian handling systems?

The trend in conventional assembly and handling solutions is moving from robots to energy-efficient and cost-optimized systems. And no wonder, conventional robot solutions are too large-scale for many applications and frequently offer more functions and degrees of freedom than are actually required.

Energy-efficient and cost-optimized 2D and 3D systems - whether in a technology mix with electrical and pneumatic components or components that are purely pneumatic, purely electrical - can be adapted more easily and efficiently to linear and rotational applications. Optimizations in mechanical systems, procurement, programming and installation space can be exploited more effectively.

This white paper contains information on:

  • Cartesian handling systems in an overview
  • Functional differences between the various systems
  • Key factors and selection aids for selecting a handling system

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White paper: Robots

There's one for every job - How to choose the right one

In the popular imagination, robots are large, dumb machines for doing dull, muscular, repetitive tasks with precision and accuracy. That’s only part of today’s robotics world. Robots now come in many sizes and configurations, with two to seven axes. They can do simple or complicated work, even surgery. For both factory and process automation, there’s one to suit just about any application or budget – anywhere productivity can be enhanced by automating the movement of tooling or payloads, or performing production tasks better or faster. Payloads can be anything from computer chips weighing a gram to locomotive wheelsets weighing over a ton.

This white paper provides information on:

  • Automation 3.0: History of robotics
  • Different types of robot technologies
  • Benefits and limitations of each technology
  • Factors to consider in selecting the right robot for the job

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Seamless connectivity

Benefit from an integrated range of solutions from Festo: from mechanics to complete servo drive systems, state-of-the-art communication and control concepts to digitalization with suitable Cloud solutions – supplemented by innovative software solutions for engineering, configuration and commissioning.

Automate everything that moves, on a single unified platform.

Always stay flexible with Festo, because you determine yourself the extent to which you automate with us and which of our products you use in conjunction with your in-house standards – now and in the future.

Mechanical Connectivity

Regardless of whether it involves linear movement, rotation, gripping or stopping: our electromechanical axes and modules leave nothing to be desired and can be used to achieve virtually every common automation task in machines and systems – perfectly coordinated with our servomotors or your in-house standard.

Our mechanical highlights

Electrical Connectivity

Easily connect your mechanics and control technology with our servo drives and servo motors. Profit from simple engineering, perfectly coordinated hardware and complete flexibility thanks to direct integration into virtually any automation environment – including commissioning with just a few steps in the Festo Automation Suite software.

Our servo drive highlights

Intelligent Connectivity

Benefit from free, diverse communication and direct, complete integration into higher-level control concepts. Make your automation solutions more flexible and modular with comprehensive, decentralized motion control solutions from Festo – supported by innovative software solutions.

Our control highlights

Standardize easily with Seamless Connectivity from Festo – regardless of the network used.

Find out in the video (3:05 min.) how easily servo drives and remote IO systems can be operated independently of the network and the selected PLC. We will show you that after changing the PLC and the network protocol as well as after the restart, the two sample pick and place applications work exactly as before without any further changes. This is flexibility through standardization.

Our highlight products in electric automation

Installation and control concepts influence each other. This means that automation architectures have to be cleverly networked to achieve seamless connectivity. Hardware and software work together intelligently on the Festo Automation Platform – a perfect and seamless combination of controller, servo drive and mechanics. The wide range of mechanical systems offers a solution for virtually any motion requirement. And the Festo Automation Suite software ensures quick and perfect commissioning of all electrical and mechanical hardware components.

Digital Engineering Tools

With our online engineering tools, you can design your solution easily and reliably, regardless of your level of expertise. They allow you to quickly create a valid configuration, precisely select components, create the required documentation, and perform necessary calculations. And get your solution up and running in just a few steps. Why not take a look at the overview right now and find the right tool to make your everyday work easier.

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