Electric Automation: Productivity Master

Electric Automation

You are the best judge of which technology to use for your industrial system: electric, pneumatic, or an intelligent combination. And electric automation technology from Festo supports you with a virtually limitless performance range and perfect connectivity.

Automate Your Systems on a Single Unified Platform

You want to automate your systems efficiently in accordance with actual needs, and prevent obsolescence in the future. Festo offers technologically seamless and innovative solutions for this purpose that don’t impose any technical restrictions. You always remain flexible with Festo, because you determine the extent to which you automate with us and which of our products you use in conjunction with your in-house standards – now and in the future. In this way, you can quickly and easily optimize your automation concepts, adapt your systems step by step while staying within budget, and secure a future competitive edge today.

Mechanical Connectivity

No matter which motion you want to automate, our wide range of mechanical linear axes and rotary modules leave nothing to be desired and are, of course, perfectly compatible with our servo motors and your in-house standards.

Electrical Connectivity

To connect the mechanical components with your control technology, simply select from our range of servo motors and servo drives. They are always perfectly compatible, easy to configure, and can be brought into operation quickly thanks to the Festo Automation Suite software.

Intelligent Connectivity

The free, flexible communication and the direct, complete integration of our servo drives into higher-level control concepts as well as the decentralized control of individual process modules using integrated motion control solutions from Festo enable a wide range of solutions for industrial automation tasks – supported by innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration.

You compose the perfect melody for your song. Compose your perfect servo drive package too. With seamless connectivity.

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Further Highlight Products for Electric Automation

Here you will find a selection of the most important products at a glance.

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Electrical connectivity: highly functional and seamlessly connectable servo drives

Our innovative, compact CMMT servo drives and powerful, yet efficient EMMT servo motors offer you the very best in cost-effectiveness and operational simplicity. For extra-low voltage servo drives today, the broad power spectrum already starts at 150 W / 24 VDC or 300 W / 48 VDC, extending up to 6 kW for low-voltage servo drives and will even reach up to 12 kW in the future.

The direct integration of these servo drives into Ethernet-based control systems gives you maximum flexibility in implementing your motion solutions. One exceptional aspect here is the ability to commission your servo drive solution with Festo Automation Suite in just a few steps – without any special software knowledge and including all the corresponding electromechanics.

The portfolio has been enhanced by additional servo motor and stepper motor controllers that have proven their reliability over many years, the EMCA integrated actuator, and highly economical servo and stepper motors. Including a wide range of safety functions.

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Connectivity in real time with the ultralight and compact remote I/O system

Technically outstanding: the CPX-AP-I automation system enables flexible, direct integration of powerful I/O modules and valve manifolds into Ethernet-based host systems. It boasts impressive real-time capability with a bus cycle time of up to 250 μs and a net data rate of 200 Mbit full duplex. That makes the CPX-AP-I ideal for fast and synchronous processes.

IO-Link with CPX-AP-I: Thanks to the integrated AP system communication, up to 316 IO-Link devices can theoretically be connected to each bus interface under certain performance limits – IO-Link devices from Festo and third-party suppliers as well as other Festo components with I-port connection. And CPX-AP-I is also convenient and easy to use thanks to the Festo IO-Link tool with its graphical interface for parameter and master port settings, as well as the automatic download of all IO device descriptions from the IODDfinder portal.

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The right actuator online: Electric Motion Sizing

This sizing and simulation tool helps you to find the right electric or electromechanical servo drive for your application. The calculation is performed on the basis of a small number of parameters like mass, stroke/travel distance, cycle time, and promptly tells you which solution is the most economical for your requirements, whether servo drive and motor or servo drive, motor and mechanical system.

  • Quick, easy and reliable calculation
  • Free access to the Festo website – with no need to register or download and install software
  • Registered users can carry out detailed simulations and get further information, such as an analysis of the overshoot behavior

Electric Motion Sizing

Handling Guide Online - sizing industrial robots

Configure the right industrial robot, from a single-axis solution to a 3D gantry, quickly and easily with the Handling Guide Online. All you have to do is enter the axis definition, payload, etc. and in just 20 minutes you have a perfect, ready-to-order systems. We supply it together with CAD data and commissioning files, ready to install or partially assembled.

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Cartesian handling systems - a technical comparison with conventional robots

Why is it worthwhile to use Cartesian handling systems?

The trend in conventional assembly and handling solutions is moving from robots to energy-efficient and cost-optimized systems. And no wonder, conventional robot solutions are too large-scale for many applications and frequently offer more functions and degrees of freedom than are actually required.

Energy-efficient and cost-optimized 2D and 3D systems - whether in a technology mix with electrical and pneumatic components or components that are purely pneumatic, purely electrical - can be adapted more easily and efficiently to linear and rotational applications. Optimizations in mechanical systems, procurement, programming and installation space can be exploited more effectively.

This white paper contains information on:

  • Cartesian handling systems in an overview
  • Functional differences between the various systems
  • Key factors and selection aids for selecting a handling system

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White paper: Robots

There's one for every job - How to choose the right one

In the popular imagination, robots are large, dumb machines for doing dull, muscular, repetitive tasks with precision and accuracy. That’s only part of today’s robotics world. Robots now come in many sizes and configurations, with two to seven axes. They can do simple or complicated work, even surgery. For both factory and process automation, there’s one to suit just about any application or budget – anywhere productivity can be enhanced by automating the movement of tooling or payloads, or performing production tasks better or faster. Payloads can be anything from computer chips weighing a gram to locomotive wheelsets weighing over a ton.

This white paper provides information on:

  • Automation 3.0: History of robotics
  • Different types of robot technologies
  • Benefits and limitations of each technology
  • Factors to consider in selecting the right robot for the job

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