Energy management: measuring industrial energy efficiency

An integrated approach to energy management

You probably have enough on your plate without concerning yourself with energy management, right? But in the end, political and social pressures to protect the climate can benefit businesses as well: it forces us to save.

Electrical power is expensive, but much can be gained in most systems where energy consumption is concerned: with smart sizing from Festo and energy-efficient components and solutions. Not only will you reduce your CO2 footprint as a result, you relieve the cost pressure as well. And it has been our experience in a variety of industry sectors that this works best when you take a comprehensive approach. We understand the issues and challenges of energy efficiency and our specialists can offer the right products and appropriate support.

Our support services in the area of industrial energy efficiency

Energy management in industrial automation

Applied research at Festo

Energy-adaptive production technology

Festo is part of the Copernicus SynErgie Project, joining more than 80 partners are researching how energy-intensive industry processes can be coupled to fluctuating power generation from the wind and the sun. The plan is to create a highly dynamic control platform, which helps companies adapt automatically to renewable sources of energy.

Implementing measures for saving energy

Within the context of the EnAP project (energy-efficient actuator technology in production), Festo is developing energy-efficient actuator technologies for production, together with packaging and bottling system manufacturer KHS, woodworking machine builder Homag, and the universities in Dresden (IFD) and Stuttgart (ISYS). The goal is an expert system that provides companies with suitable energy efficiency solutions together with the required components and simple operation.

Industrial energy efficiency@Festo manual

With Festo, you can rely on technical experts and efficient technologies to ensure your machines and systems consume fewer resources and less energy. Not only will you reduce your CO2 footprint, you relieve the cost pressure as well. And that leads to increases in the sustainability of your production processes and in your company’s productivity. Our knowledge, our experience and our products can be found in this manual.

Download it now: Industrial energy efficiency@Festo (PDF)