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More fun with eLearning

The global trend towards networked learning and knowledge exchange is creating a dynamic in the cycles of education, innovation and business. Among other things, this is giving rise to international technology and content standards for education and training. We not only actively drive these developments, but also offer the necessary solutions to leverage the potential of these trends.

eLearning Courses

Our eLearning courses provide knowledge using theory nuggets, interactive animations, videos, graphics, and exercises for reflection. With the help of applications and examples from industry, the acquired knowledge is transferred to the daily work life of students and employees.

This practical approach ensures that learning is dynamic and motivating and creates freedom for instructors at the same time.

What makes our eLearning courses special?

  • Follow state of the art didactical principles (like content modularization, micro-learning approach and interactive media)
  • Excellent introduction to new (technological) topics
  • Participant guidance and storytelling enhance student motivation
  • Practical and industrial examples for better learning transfer
  • Keep an eye on your learning progress at any time
  • Can be used for self-study during classroom-based trainings or home-schooling activities as no equipment is required
  • Can be integrated into several other training concepts or curricula activities
  • LMS compatibility; smooth integration with training concepts/curricula

Decide for yourself!

Our eLearning courses can be made available to you in several ways, depending on your learning infrastructure.

  • within the basic subscription of our digital learning portal Festo LX, you get access to our eLearning courses and many more contents and features
  • if you are only interested in selected courses, single online access for selected eLearning courses via Festo LX is also possible
  • Integration in the Classroom Manager Vocational Training
  • Integration in your existing Learning Management System

Connected Learning

What is Connected Learning?

Connected Learning creates a new dimension in learning with a seamless connection between the virtual and real worlds.

Combine familiar learning methods, such as classroom-based learning, hands-on learning, and self-study, while erasing the boundary between theory and practice through direct interaction of software and hardware. Connected Learning is implemented using the Tec2Screen® mobile, multimedia, interactive learning companion.

Professional competence, independence, and adaptability are important skills that are required in our day-to-day work. The Connected Learning concept creates the prerequisites for acquiring precisely these skills and competencies for technical careers. Connected Learning delivers modern technologies for innovative technical training directly to you!


  • A strong link between training and operational processes, as well as modern technologies, allows the development of a wide range of skills and aptitudes, developing the student’s professional competence.
  • Specialized support can be provided for learning weaknesses, while learning strengths are actively developed.
  • Learning methods and content can be recommended and assigned in alignment with student learning paths and previous knowledge, as well as their individual needs.

Find out more about Connected Learning.

Connected Learning - the learning concept


Tec2Screen® is the interactive learning companion that facilitates Connected Learning.

With its patented interface – the Connect – the Tec2Screen® functions as the link between the real and virtual worlds, and together with the Base, forms the core of the system. The courses and simulations we've developed provide the content for learning, informing, controlling, measuring, regulating, and programming, and are connected to the real hardware by the Connects. Students experience the exciting world of technology, exploring and interacting through experimentation, and directly tracing the signal flow between hardware and software.

Modular and flexible learning solution

The modular and flexible structure of the learning units means that Tec2Screen® can be used anywhere and at any time, and can be adapted to a specific learning process, as well as to a student's learning speed. This creates a targeted structure based on previous knowledge and interests.

Learning at home or on the go – the system’s mobility enables students to work with new digital media anywhere at any time.

Create course content and set up experiments with using the Content Builder and iEasyLab.

The Classroom Manager LMS allows assignment of courses, simulations, and other digital materials. The iPad® can also be used in a number of ways. For example, integrate it into the classroom for presentations or project documentation to ensure that you have the most current training.

There are different options how to use and manage Tec2Screen® courses and simulations.

  • Discover Tec2Screen® on our digital learning portal Festo LX. You can use the Tec2Screen contents independently or as addition to the basic subscription of Festo LX where you have many more contents and features available
  • Integrate Tec2Screen® courses and simulations in the Classroom Manager Vocational Training
  • Integrate the contents in your existing Learning Management System


  • Seamless connection between theory and practice
  • Signal flow and interaction between software and hardware is clearly visible, understandable, and traceable
  • Adaptable to various learning systems and technologies
  • Courses and simulations can be assigned according to student knowledge and learning preferences.
  • Student-centered learning approach helps to transform the teacher’s role from instructor to administrator and motivator
  • The Classroom Manager enables individual administration and monitoring of students.

Tec2Screen® Components


We developed Connects – plug-in modules with a patented interface – to make it possible to explore the relationships between the real and virtual world. The Connects enable the direct interaction between software and hardware, and therefore, between theory and practice as well. Signal flow is clearly and consistently visible, understandable, and traceable.



The Base is made of a sturdy, plastic housing with built-in fixtures for mounting the Apple iPad® and the Connects (plug-in interface modules).

Tec2Screen® Base

Apple iPad®

Tablet PC with touch-screen and multi-touch gesture capability. Get started right away with pre-installed account and apps:

  • iTunes® account
  • Tec2Screen® app
  • AirPort® utility program

The Tec2Screen® Base links the iPad® to the patented Connects. The iPad® can also be used without restriction during course work, as a tablet independent of the Tec2Screen®.

Apple iPad®

Classroom Manager

The Classroom Manager LMS uses a central library to manage all digital learning media, such as Tec2Screen ® courses, simulations, and multimedia learning programs, as well as user-created documents and materials. Teachers/trainers also have the option of creating their own tests or questionnaires. These learning media can be used by trainers to create their own teaching units and assign them to each student according to ability.
Training content can be managed and assigned, and the learning progress of each student evaluated and documented as well.

If you already use a different LMS, we can offer you our limited-functionality Tec2Screen Manager® as a free alternative.


Videos, animations, measuring exercises, and test assignments inspire students to explore and discover – this makes learning exciting.
The virtual measuring instruments integrated into the courses are an invitation to interactive troubleshooting. Completing the courses offline, outside of the lab, is also possible – technical knowledge can be learned anywhere at any time!


  • Diverse training content: measurement, control, closed-loop control, programming, simulation etc.
  • Videos, animations, measuring exercises, and test assignments inspire students to explore and discover.
  • The integrated QR code scanner quickly provides in-depth information as needed.
  • The virtual measurement tools integrated into the courses, such as the multimeter and the oscilloscope, support interactive troubleshooting and perfectly prepare the measured values for analysis.
  • Learn any time, any place – offline completion of the theoretical parts of a course is possible on all popular devices. Project-oriented and problem-solving courses are available for many technologies, and new courses are continually being added.

Tec2Screen course


Presenting complex topics using simple, vivid simulations: modern training systems are capable of this and much more.

With the Tec2Screen® different technologies, programming languages, and PLC programming applications can be realistically tested and simulated, both in terms of structure and representation. Students literally hold the process in their hands, tracking the signal flow through the lines connected to the iPad® .

Throughout the hands-on training, students use the QR code scanner to discover training packages, MPS® modules, stations, and individual components.

The Tec2Screen® provides exercises and tools for data acquisition and display. Virtual measuring instruments, such as the multimeter and the oscilloscope, record both analog and digital signals, enabling various electronics measurements, such as voltage, current, and resistance.


  • Tec2Screen®simulations demonstrate engaging and realistic applications of PLC technology.
  • Controllers and applications can be quickly tested and simulated – independent of programming language and PLC.
  • The ability to change parameters makes it possible for students to immediately recognize and understand the direct results.
  • Learning from mistakes – simulations allow for errors, and they show impact without any damage to the actual hardware.
  • Simulations replace large, complex systems – saving space and cost.

Tec2Screen simulation