Bionics4Education from Festo

Bionics training kit - Bionic fish, Bionic elephant, Bionic chameleon

For billions of years, nature has successfully developed natural, adaptable survival strategies. The organisms and ecosystems that surround us face many of the same challenges as we do. Bionics means learning from nature and applying these findings to technical challenges. In doing so, engineers examine a number of natural models and develop optimized solutions and technologies that can easily answer complex questions. In the Bionic Learning Network, Festo has been developing bionic-inspired innovations for years, and finding answers to current technical challenges for industrial applications. These solutions inspire and are ideally suited for learning purposes and for transferring the knowledge gained to automation technology.

bionic education

Bionics Kit

An interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers, computer specialists and biologists from the Bionic Learning Network has developed Bionics4Education together with the didactics experts from Festo as a training provider. The aim is to inspire young people to learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and bionic work through projects inspired by bionics. The training concept combines a practical training kit (Bionics Kit) for practical and solution-oriented learning and a digital learning environment.

The Bionics Kit offers students a fascinating opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of bionics and to get to know project-based work inspired by nature. Bionics is the link between biology and technology, making the Bionics Kit a perfect complement to our integrative STEM training program.

Interactive learning poster – Bionics Kit

The interactive learning poster accompanies the use of the Bionics Kit in the classroom. This is one way that the interactive learning path links analog and digital learning in a playful way, while at the same time making practical use of digital tools such as mobile devices in the classroom.

bionic flower

Bionic flower

The Bionic Flower is an experiment set inspired by the plant world.

It opens and closes its petals in response to external influences such as being approached or exposed to light. These mechanisms of action are simulated using sensors and actuators and can be easily learned by students in the classroom.

The bio-inspired design transfers the principles of the plant world to technology based on scientific and technical questions. This helps to round out the topics taught in the curriculum in STEM training.