CP Factory

CP Factory

Our universal cyber-physical learning and research platform for I4.0/IIoT – models the technologies of networked production and provides a modular smart factory system for teaching and research purposes.

The CP Factory conveys highly complex technologies and digital production methods. System flexibility enables you to model individual production layouts, and equip them with all relevant technology modules.

Complete details about the CP Factory at a glance

Stand-alone or system network

The standardized stations consist of cells with identical dimensions. A laboratory made up of individual workstations can very quickly be turned into one or more production lines focusing on different areas of automation. They can, of course, also be used as stand-alone workstations. The exceptional flexibility of a CP Factory system is based on the design-standardization of its cells, which is always identical: dimensions, track rollers, control cabinet, conveyor, control console, system cable.

Transfer conveyor, workpieces and applications

The wide transfer conveyor ensures a continuous pallet transport through the production layout and can be connected, via a deflector cell, to an additional system network or to a stand-alone system . The connection is made via a mobile transport robot. The CP application modules are mounted above the conveyor, defining the specific automation technology focal points of the individual cells.

Qualification for Industry 4.0 using CP Factory