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WorldSkills competitions are world championships for apprentices and students in non-academic vocational education and training. The organization behind is WorldSkills International (WSI). Hand in hand with their members and partners, WorldSkills shares its mission to strengthen vocational education and training through skills competitions and thus raise economic prosperity.

Current competitions

WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition

In 2022, the world championship of professions will exceptionally be held in a different format around the world.

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The Way to WorldSkills

Young talents participating at the WorldSkills competitions have already been winners before. The first milestone on the way to the world’s best young professional is a national competition in the home country. Proud winners then move on to regional competitions, e.g. EuroSkills, AfricaSkills, AsianSkills or to the world championships WorldSkills. The international skills competitions take place every two years and are an unforgettable, inspiring experience and an important milestone in the career of the young participants.

Reflecting the Labor Market

More than 1,500 highly motivated young people compete in over 60 different skills for a medal. WorldSkills competitions pick up future-oriented technologies such as digitalization or green skills and reflect the current development of job profiles on the labor market. New job profiles are introduced as presentation skill first, before being admitted as official competition discipline. This way, Water Technology and Industry 4.0 made their way into the championships in 2019 respective 2022.

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Global Industry Partner (GIP)

Festo has been the first Global Industry Partner (GIP) of WorldSkills since 1991. Global Industry Partners assume a key role between industry, education, government, and policy makers to co-operate. Their common goal is to raise the profile and recognition of skilled professionals all over the world.

Festo Didactic continuously provides state-of-the art industry-related learning solutions for the WorldSkills competitions. Together with WorldSkills, we believe in the power of skilled young professionals and tomorrow’s generation.

Corporate Education Responsibility

Festo Didactic is a leading provider of learning solutions in technical education. Together with WorldSkills, our goal is

  • to inspire young people for technology through targeted qualification
  • to counteract the shortage of skilled workers
  • to promote innovation
  • to strengthen industry and prosperity in society.

Festo Didactic is an active partner of WorldSkills events and activities, in projects and in the further development of competitive disciplines. The continuous exchange and the close cooperation between decision-makers of companies, educational institutions and political representatives is of key importance in order to further develop vocational education in line with the requirements of the future.

Competition equipment from Festo Didactic

Highly motivated young professionals do their utmost at skills competitions. They compete for gold, silver and bronze medals using components, stations or software from Festo Didactic - and have been doing so for three decades.

Skill #04 Mechatronics

Modular Production System MPS

Already since 1991, the MPS has proven at national and international competitions that its concept, the stations and controls and the functions mapped in them, offer exactly what stands for automated production all over the world: The integration of mechanics, electrical engineering and information technology into mechatronics.

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Skill #48 Industry 4.0

CP Lab Industry 4.0

In 2022, the new Skill #48 Industry 4.0 will have its premiere. Festo as GIP accompanies its introduction. With both the single and system workplace, Festo Didactic offers you a training system especially designed to prepare candidates for the challenges of the new skill Industry 4.0

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Skill #55 Water Technology

EDS Water Management

In 2022, Water Technology is official skill for the second time. The EDS Water Management is a modular training system which represents the core processes of a water and wastewater treatment plant in the form of a water loop from the source to the wastewater treatment plant and back again.

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Skill #62 Renewable Energy

Nacelle – Wind turbine Training System

Renewable Energy is a new skill at WorldSkills Shanghai 2022. Festo Didactic provides the Nacelle – Wind turbine Training System. It is a complete scaled-down version of commercial wind turbine nacelles, making it an excellent substitute for expensive real-life equipment. Space-efficient and affordable the machine fully interacts with users, thus enhancing the learning experience. It offers hands-on training for real-world operation, maintenance and troubleshooting situations.

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Skill #01 Industrial Mechanics

Mechanical Drives Learning System

Industrial mechanics install, maintain, repair, and replace a vast array of mechanical equipment. The mechanical drives training system exposes students to the hardware, tools, and methods used by industrial mechanics to keep plants running. The Electric Drives/Pneumatic Drives learning systems provide skilled workers with the necessary skills for installing and maintaining systems.

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Skill #19 Industrial Control


Industrial control electricians plan, mount, install, program and service and repair electrical and electrotechnical parts, components and systems used in systems and industrial engineering. These could be alarm systems, electric doors, gates and lifts as well as industrial machinery and plants.

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