WorldSkills – World Championships of Skills

Education and training change the world

WorldSkills competitions are professional championships for apprentices and students in vocational skills training. They are run by the organisation WorldSkills International (WSI). Alongside its members and partners, WorldSkills aims to boost the appeal of vocational training through competitions and promote economic prosperity through education.

Current competitions

WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition

2022 is an exceptional year for WorldSkills since the format will be different, with competitions taking place in various countries around the world.

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The way to WorldSkills

The talented young people taking part in WorldSkills professional championships are already winners. The first milestone along the way to becoming the world’s most skilled professional is a national competition in their own country. The triumphant winners then enter regional competitions, such as EuroSkills, AfricaSkills or AsiaSkills, or the WorldSkills world championships. The international competitions take place every two years. They are an unforgettable and inspiring experience and a key milestone on the career paths of the young participants.

A mirror image of the job market

More than 1,500 highly motivated young professionals battle it out for a medal in over 60 different disciplines. The WorldSkills Competitions draw on pioneering technologies such as digitalisation and green skills and reflect current developments in job profiles on the labour market. New job profiles are initially introduced as presentation professions before they are approved as official competitive disciplines. This is how the subjects of water management and Industry 4.0 have made their way into the championships in 2019 and 2022 respectively.

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Global Industry Partner (GIP)

Festo was the first Global Industry Partner (GIP) of WorldSkills back in 1991. Global Industry Partners play a key role in the collaboration between industry, education, government and political decision makers. Their common goal is to improve training and recognition for qualified, skilled workers around the globe.

Festo Didactic offers state-of-the-art industry-based training solutions for WorldSkills Competitions. Together with WorldSkills, we play a part in boosting the training of skilled workers.

Responsibility for education and training

Festo Didactic is a leading provider of training solutions in technical education. With WorldSkills, we share the following aims:

  • Getting young people excited about technology through specific qualifications and training
  • Addressing skills shortages
  • Promoting innovations
  • Boosting industry and prosperity in society

Festo Didactic is an active partner in WorldSkills events, activities, projects and the further development of competition disciplines. The ongoing exchange and close cooperation between decision makers from the business world, educational institutions and political representatives are crucial to developing vocational professions that will meet future requirements.

Competition equipment from Festo Didactic

Highly motivated young professionals give their all in vocational competitions! During the last three decades, they have been battling it out for gold, silver and bronze medals using components, software and training systems from Festo Didactic.