Training and Consulting

Added value for industry and vocational training

One of the greatest values of our Training and Consulting approach is that we expand our focus beyond just competency development for industry to include the development of trainer skills for vocational training and teaching. We ensure that tomorrow's day-to-day industry needs are positioned in today’s skills training. Additionally, we can support you with comprehensive training, as well as holistic educational consulting concepts.

Specialized training from industry – for industry

Lifelong learning and competency development for employees is crucial for keeping pace with the challenges in industry. We are your perfect partner when it comes to specialized employee training for mastering technological, organizational, or interpersonal challenges and preparation for the digital transformation.

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Online Training Program

Online Interactive Training Program

With our new Online Interactive Training Program, we've adapted our popular courses to be more flexible in virtual education yet still provide hands-on training that makes our classes so successful. These 4-day courses consist of both self-paced lessons and live instructor-driven classes ensuring success in your programs.

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Training solutions for vocational education

Competency development in learning and working environments, along with the ability to work autonomously, is a fundamental part of vocational education and training. In addition, training content must have a firm grasp of contemporary industrial developments.

Our multifaceted pedagogical expertise, and the experience of our own future-focused manufacturing and engineering knowledge, enriches the benefits for teachers or instructors who complete our instructor seminars.

Additionally, we instruct you on how to use our state-of-the-art learning systems in your lessons, ensuring that your own trainees will benefit equally from your enriched and complemented curricula.