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Quarter turn actuators

Quarter turn actuators

Pneumatic quarter turn actuators according to the rack and pinion or Scotch yoke principle, in aluminum or stainless steel, for automating butterfly valves and ball valves.

Linear actuators

Linear actuators

Pneumatic linear actuators for opening/closing and control applications with integrated valve positioner. Suitable for linear fittings like knife gate valves, penstock valves and pinch valves.

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Linear actuator

Festo linear actuators are double-acting pneumatic piston actuators. The sturdy corrosion-resistant design of the actuators is ideal for use in harsh and hazardous environments in process automation.
Actuators with different diameters, stroke lengths and standardized mounting interfaces are available for the respective installation situations. The linear actuators are suitable for open/close and control applications. Special product versions with integrated linear potentiometer or completely integrated positioner are available for control applications. Applications for linear actuators can be found in numerous industrial segments of process automation, such as linear movements for process valves (knife gate valves, shut-off valves, metering valves, pinch valves) or pivoting movements for damper control (ventilation flaps, turbine blade adjustment, ...).

Quarter turn actuator

A quarter turn actuator is an actuator that transmits torque to the fitting for less than a full revolution (usually a quarter turn). Festo quarter turn actuators are specially tailored to the requirements of the process industry in terms of force, corrosion resistance and standardized interfaces. They comply with standard ISO 5211, which defines the interface between quarter turn actuators and fittings, and NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 for direct mounting of limit switch boxes, valve positioners and pilot valves. The sturdy corrosion-resistant design of the actuators is ideal for use in harsh and explosive environments in process automation.
The quarter turn actuators are suitable for open/close and control applications for the automation of butterfly valves, ball valves and air dampers. They are also suitable for water/wastewater, beverage, pharmaceutical and general process automation.