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»What fascinates me is that we find ourselves on

uncharted territory. We evaluate new technologies by

sharing information with other departments. Once

the selected methods have proved to be reliable, we

pass them on to our colleagues in production. We

are currently working in particular on digital printing

and laser technology for various applications.«

Dr. Axel Fehrenbacher, Process Development

Festo AG & Co. KG

Process development

• Reliable processes

• International orientation

• Technical test centre

• Technology road map

The specialists from process development

represent the link between development

projects and production start-up. They

identify, test and evaluate innovations. The

latest methods and technologies are expec-

ted to be applied practically in everyday

factory operations as soon as possible at

Festo – in an intelligent, future-oriented

and, above all, reliable manner.

With their expertise, the process develo-

pers not only work in the Technology Plant,

but support the Festo plants all around the


Tracking down trends

What does the future of production look

like? Which technologies does Festo have

to master? And in which places should

established production routes be replaced

by new methods? The process developers

assess the potential of new production

methods early on and systematically.

They focus on the needs of the individual

plants, of pre-development and of the

development department. The results are

disclosed in a comprehensive technology

road map, which reveals individual and glo-

bal trends.

Under laboratory conditions

One technology trend alone is no guaran-

tee for a suitable production process.

In order to evaluate a new method, the

Festo experts start with initial tests and a

feasibility study. If their evaluation turns

out positive, a closer look is taken at the

process: they define the framework condi-

tions for possible factory applications and

combine different methods if required.

Tested and secured

Future-oriented technologies for serial production:

process development as the interface between develop-

ment and production