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»With colleagues I planned and actively arranged the

relocation of our department to the Technology Plant

Today I have a personal attachment to the plant As

a deputy manager I make sure that the employees can

work in a balanced, commensurate and productive

manner – and by doing so that the different orders are

carried out for our customers without problems «

Angela Biribauer, Customer Solutions, Assembly

Variety and applications

Depending on the application area, valve terminals, control cabi-

nets, drives, control blocks, high pressure pneumatics products or

system solutions are produced In bottling plants for drinks, for

examples, different control systems are required for sparkling

wine, beer or juice because of disparate processes Special valves

make it possible to sort vegetables or rice reliably using com-

pressed air – rice can even be sorted in free fall thanks to rapid

switching. Over and above this, Festo produces specific solutions

for other customers from the food industry, for the automotive

industry, plant and electronics manufacturers, medical technology,

the packaging and automation industry or manufacturers of paint-

ing facilities, wood and textile machinery

Thanks to the wide spectrum of solutions, the experts try to meet

the full needs of every customer

Whether it is a few thousand a year, a small batch of several hun-

dred or just a single item, the Festo specialists for customer solu-

tions deliver a wide range of special designs As each customer

brings its own wishes and challenges, they develop and produce

components with individually unabridged functions and proper-


Understanding customers

Many production processes run under extreme temperatures,

many require special greases, sealants and cleaning agents Oth-

ers in turn have increased safety requirements in relation to leak-

age, need special flange valves or additional fixing holes. In order

to be able to deliver tailored solutions, a direct exchange of infor-

mation is necessary: the Festo sales engineers coordinate with the

customer and work out designs in close cooperation Single sam-

ples and individual prototypes can be produced as easily as com-

plex serial products

At the customer’s request

Special components and single components for individual

customer needs are manufactured by hand assembly in

the Technology Plant

For the customers

• Customised project handling

• Competence in product complexity

• Short reaction times

• Quick throughput


Festo AG & Co KG