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Festo AG & Co KG

Automated and adaptable

Products are manufactured in a very short space of time

on highly flexible and energy-efficient assembly lines


A wide range of solenoid valves and valve

terminals are produced automatically or

even manually in the assembly depart-

ment Many of the company’s own products

and applications provide support here:

Festo products are used to manufacture

Festo products For example, small, com-

pact solenoid valves are automatically

assembled on the latest assembly lines

The lines each produce over 50 individual

variations of different sizes, whereby 20

variations make up over 80 per cent of the

total volume When it comes to assembling

the valves to make valve terminals, manual

work is still required An enormous product

variety of 10 40 types – a number one with

40 zeros – is possible in the case of many

products, which have to be made according

to individual customer specifications in a

very short space of time

Cell by cell

In the assembly lines there are up to eight

production cells spread one after the other

over 30 metres; this is where the motion

sequences for assembling the individual

valves are controlled and executed

This includes spray greasing the housings,

pressing in the cartridges and fitting the

seals, as well as ensuring the respective

process monitoring procedures

The specialists for automation created the

cells both in the hardware and the software

with a modular design and networked them

with each other The individual processes

are autonomously set up, whilst the cells’

interfaces are standardised It is possible

to convert, replace or extend the cells with-

out a great deal of effort A time slot no

longer has to be planned even for retool-

ing, as the system retools itself within the

cycle time The consistent standardisation

process means that even assembly cells or

modules made by other manufacturers can

be integrated as required

Correct greasing

To grease the pistons, the Festo experts

use a clever method in the automated

assembly process: special grease is finely

atomised by a heatable spraying system

and applied safely and accurately using

spray nozzles The process data for this

production step is constantly monitored In

service life tests, the solenoid valves thus

perform five times better than before.

For testing the valves after the last produc-

tion step, an innovative test system has

been developed, by which it has been pos-

sible to reduce the time required for this to

just a few seconds

»We ensure the quality and availability of the automated

assembly facilities In the morning we get together for

a short, standardised coordination meeting Our aim is

not only to rectify problems but to analyse them in a

proactive way Especially when assembling large quan-

tities, we want to identify critical process values early

enough so that we can react before a fault occurs «

Tobias Müller, Head of Assembly Work Preparation

Fully automated valve assembly

• Two production lines for solenoid valves

• Several million fully automatically assembled valves

per year

• Assembly and testing completed in a few seconds

• Exceptional flexibility and variation