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Next up is the analytical evaluation and the

statistical assurance, which ultimately

allow assertions about future process relia-

bility. If the green light is given, the process

developers set up a test installation. The

results go into an actual production con-


In the technical centre at Scharnhausen,

experimental constructs can also be found

alongside test facilities. The department is

completed by its own mechanical workshop

and accompanying analysis methods. The

process developers work intensively on

adhesive technologies, which will take over

from classic welding methods in suitable

places. Furthermore, there is a special

focus on new joining processes, forming

techniques, coating and cleaning methods,

spray greasing methods, material selec-

tion, laser technologies and modern prin-

ting methods.

Digital printing for the future

Product labelling, which until now has been

done by sticking name plates on products,

is being replaced by digital printing at

Festo. In just a few seconds, a valve

housing can be printed on in high resolu-

tion and in the desired colours.

Even curved surfaces do not pose a prob-

lem. The printing process is extremely flexi-

ble due to the software control system,

meaning that it can meet the increasing

need for the individualisation of products

and the associated labelling process.

Before printing, the component is pre-trea-

ted, for example with a laser. It removes the

top layer for optimal ink adhesion. The ink

is dried after printing with UV light. Each

separate process step has been tested and

assured by the process developers – the

digital printing procedure is ready for pro-


Comprehensive expertise

The aim of the process development

department is to actively help shape the

production of tomorrow in terms of costs,

quality and the ability to supply. As an

interdisciplinary team, the specialists have

to repeatedly tackle a wide range of issues.

They work in a networked manner and in

close consultation with colleagues from

other departments. Besides excellent

knowledge in engineering, scientific and

experimental expertise is called for.

Scharnhausen Technology Plant: Tested and secured

01 In the test facility for digital printing,

process developers test the possibilities

for labelling products.