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Festo AG & Co KG


Metal-cutting machines weighing tonnes stand on an area covering

14,000 square metres on the ground floor of the Technology Plant.

The highly automated facilities work around the clock and produce

the basic elements for the Festo products in the shortest of time:

valve housings, valve assemblies, valve cartridges and individual

handling technology components for linear units and rotational

drives. The components are highly precise, custom-fit and of the

best surface quality The processing route from the warehouse for

the delivered metal bars through to the surface finish in the elec-

troplating department runs over just 120 metres in the case of

many components

Classic mechanical engineering

The ring-shaped cartridges are the centrepieces of the valves, as

they provide the seal Valve assemblies form the base on which the

valves are screwed The parts for valve housings and handling

technology, due to their complexity, are subject to the highest

demands in terms of geometric tolerances The individual process

steps for manufacturing the valve housings – such as sawing,

machining, deburring (removing edges) and washing – are done on

interlinked facilities using robots Depending on the task, the spe-

cialists implement different levels of automation in this respect

Well rounded

The manufacture of components for valve housings used to be a

time-consuming process with individual distributed steps A new

large installation in the Technology Plant, a so-called rotary trans-

fer machine, reproduces this process automatically on an area of

140 square metres The delivered metal bars are sawn into pieces

and deposited on a rotating table by a robot, where the individual

pieces are machined With the aid of various tools, 14 stations

arranged in a circle are completed in cycles lasting just seconds

Afterwards the valve housings are deburred and washed in a high

pressure washing facility so that they are ready for assembly

Perfect in form

Turning, milling, drilling and grinding – in the machining

department, precision components made of metal

are manufactured for further processing in the assembly


Numbers in the machining department

• Several million valve cartridges per year

• Tens of thousands of valve housings a day

• Thousands of individual components for handling products

• 8,000 machining tools